Michelle Bolsonaro closes the funeral of the queen with a photo exhibition – 09/19/2022

Pictures of the day, details about the chosen model and poses with friends. Anyone who follows the social media of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and her designer, Agustin Fernandez, over the weekend may have thought that they both participated in Paris Fashion Week. It’s normal, when invited to an event like this, a celebrity announces their preparations and moments posing with friends, like, “look, we’re there, we’re in the Chanel show”.

It’s not just a fashion show. Michelle accompanied President Jair Bolsonaro to an official international event: the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, a time of mourning for the United Kingdom that should be respected. And, of course, they both represented the country on a diplomatic mission.

Michelle and the president tried, at times, to show seriousness. They posted a face photo on the side of the funeral tribute book. But it feels more like an embarrassing shock to the pompous establishment.

In her stories, Michelle also posted a photo smiling next to her husband, showing off her beauty and writing “Sunday”. What I am saying is that they are going to the funeral of the head of state, not to a wedding where there is an art exhibition. Embarrassed.

Previously, Michelle pretended she was doing a modeling book featuring her Jackie O. model and Audrey Hepburn in a hotel room. Her artist also posted a picture of the two sitting together, in black, as if they were in the front row of an art exhibition.

On Twitter, the ambassador’s decision has sparked outrage among government critics, but has delighted Bolsonaro’s supporters. For them, Michelle is like a real “princess” and “angry” to other women.

One of them, with joy, wrote with the photo where Michelle put her model: “Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. From 0 to 10. How do you rate the first wife Michelle Bolsonaro?” Get it? Michelle is a great woman, but that’s not what it’s all about.” with a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” hat.

The other first ladies who were present at the event understood that they were at a funeral and the main thing at that time was not them, but Queen Elizabeth. The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, for example, posted on Instagram a black and white photo of her husband and her husband signing a book of condolences and a message which he left in writing, praising the size and strength of the Queen. Elizabeth. Olena Zalenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, represented her husband Volodymyr Zalenski at the funeral. But on Instagram, he didn’t post pictures.

It’s disrespectful to those living in war to post a scary picture with fancy clothes. Olena seems to have learned. In July, she posed for “Vogue” in war photos and was criticized around the world. Maybe Michelle learned from her co-worker’s mistake.

No, Brazil is not at war, but there are 30 million people starving and the “model” funeral is paid for with public money. Even more unfair, impossible.

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