more than 400 female candidates declared disabled – Tribunal Superior Eleitoral

In the 2022 Election, 448 candidates and candidates pre-selected by the Electoral Judge indicated that they have a disability, out of a total of 27 thousand eligible candidates. Another 28 candidates with disabilities registered but their applications were rejected. Therefore, out of a total of 476 registered candidates (including those who were accepted and denied registration), 264 reported disability (53.66%), 115 knowledge (23.37%), 59 hearing (11.99%), 13 autism (2.64%) and 41 of some kind (8.33%). Among the records, 306 were male, 169 were female, and none were identified.

This Wednesday (21), Brazil celebrates the National Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities. The day was established by Law Nº 11.133/2005, with the aim of increasing the awareness of the population about the importance of developing ways to include people with disabilities in within the community. Prejudice and social exclusion are responsible for making life difficult for people with disabilities.

The positions are contested

In the world of candidates who have shown a disability, there is a vice-presidential candidate of the Republic, which has already been registered by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). In this case, the senator from São Paulo, Mara Gabrilli (PSDB), the vice presidential candidate Simone Tebet (MDB), of the group Brazil for All.

In total, the Electoral Commission also received four forms for the registration of gubernatorial candidates, two for senator, 167 for federal deputy, 284 for state deputy and 15 for district deputy. .

This and other information about the October 2nd election is available on the Voters Number page, on the website of the Electoral Commission (TSE).


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