More than 5% of the DF population over 2 years has some kind of disability, says IBGE | Federal District

The National Health Survey (PNS), produced in 2019 and released this Wednesday (21), National Day of Advocacy for People with Disabilitiesshow that 5.2% of the population of the Federal District who are 2 years of age and older have some form of physical disability. According to a study by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), they live in Brasília 154 thousand disabled person

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The study shows that, in Brazil, 8.4% of the population aged 2 years and over (17.2 million) is said to be disabled. The highest percentages were recorded in Sergipe (12.3%) and in Paraíba (10.7%), and the smallest in the Federal District (5.2%) and in Mato Grosso (5.6%).

“All those who responded with great difficulty and were unable to carry out the tasks asked in at least one of the surveyed questions were classified as people with disabilities,” said the IBGE.

According to the IBGE, 65.1% of persons with disabilities in the Federal District are women a 61.1% black or brown. Also, most are 60 years old or older (see the chart below).

People aged 2 years and older with disabilities, according to age, in the Federal District (%)

The National Health Survey (PNS) looked at the state of the capital in 2019.

Source: IBGE

Less time in school and less access to cleaning services

Research has also shown that people with physical disabilities have lower self-esteem.. According to research, 48.1% public primary education is not complete, and only 9.2% complete higher education in the capital.

Another factor analyzed in the study is that People with disabilities do not have access to basic sanitation services such as water and sanitation.. even if 86% Disabled DF residents can access these services, among people with disabilities the rate falls to 82.7%.

According to the IBGE, 86.8% of people with disabilities have access to the internet, a lower percentage than people without disabilities, up to 95.4%.

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