Nails decorated with flowers to use in Spring-Summer: fun, creative and beautiful nail art

You are from the group that wants to be aware of the features and style for Spring / summer and need some nail art inspiration? So how to use the arrival of the new season to create nail art with flower motifs?

Then, the clean man bring up a list of suitable companies for you to use as soon as possible. Yes, and in the gallery below you can see 20 pictures keep it as a recipe to do at home or take it to your favorite manicurist or nail artist.

Minimalist nail art with flowers

Many women have stopped using it decorated nails to find reasons for color or excitement. However, it is possible to create creative and minimalist images: invest in bare nail polishes for the background and prioritize designs in natural tones, such as white.

Flowers + animal print

Another suitable place for decorated nails is this Spring / summer is to make prints on the nails. If this relationship is common in nature, why not in nail art?

Which one is better, can invest in the combo beef patty + flowers black and white. If you’re into leopard and jaguar prints, flowers can go well with earthy tones.

Pastel nail polish is the same softness and style as a decorated nail

Choosing soft shades of red, blue and yellow is also good for flower nails. That’s why this is pastel tones they have a special softness that is especially suitable for spring.

Nail decorated with a fun pattern and flowers

Just look at the inspiration for decorated nails on various social networks and you will see how far the fun things go, such as fruit, smiley and animal emojis.

Combining them with flowers will bring a break to the flower, so it’s normal. Also try using nail polishes in brighter colors, like orange, neon green, purple… The limit is your creativity!

Geometric patterns bring freshness to floral designs

Combining those graphic and geometric elements is another option for Spring-Summer nails. You can make prints without much style, mix nail polish colors and change between each nail. In the gallery belowYou different nail styles with this and more combinations mentioned in the article to inspire you.

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