NetWitness Appoints Business Veteran Ken Naumann as New CEO

NetWitness, an RSA® Group company and a trusted global provider of cybersecurity technologies and incident response services, today welcomes Ken Naumann as its CEO.

“NetWitness is proud to be at the forefront of detection and response capabilities, growing globally amid a new industry-driven investment in threat intelligence,” said Rohit Ghai, CEO of Grupo RSA. “With decades of experience in business technology and cybersecurity, Ken brings the right combination of growth, strategy and motivation to take NetWitness to the next level.”

Naumann joined NetWitness from AccessData, a provider of digital forensic investigation technology, where he led the company’s growth as CEO. Under his guidance and direction, AccessData was one of the world leaders in data forensics before being acquired by Exterro. During his 25-year career, Naumann has served as the CEO of a number of public, private and corporate companies, focused on the implementation of cyber security and information security. . Naumann has also held leadership roles in rapidly growing companies in the vulnerability assessment and incident response industries, including Guidance Software, now part of OpenText, and BindView, acquired by Symantec.

“NetWitness has served the global information security community for decades, including large and complex enterprises and government agencies. The company’s main focus is on strengthening the network, the impact and with log analysis on any computer technology,” said Naumann. “I am happy to be a part of this journey and develop our solutions to become smarter, more flexible and easier in the cloud.”

NetWitness began as a government-sponsored research project to monitor cyberspace for cyber threats and develop tools to detect and respond to them. Since then, the technology has evolved and developed to handle today’s complex attacks. NetWitness provides fully integrated solutions for network, logging, endpoint, and IoT detection and response. With its long history and global presence, NetWitness XDR integrates directly with the world’s most popular and important tools, as well as many specialized and specific solutions.

Naumann’s appointment as CEO coincides with the launch of the NetWitness Platform XDR 12, the company’s broadest and most responsive platform.

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NetWitness, an RSA® Group company, provides threat intelligence and scalability to organizations worldwide. The NetWitness Platform provides end-to-end visibility with on-demand threat intelligence and user analytics to identify, prioritize, investigate threats and prioritize response. This allows security analysts to be more efficient and stay ahead of threats affecting businesses. For more information, visit

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