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In October, DC Set Group announced Brasil Agribusiness, a communication, information, business and entertainment group that aims to position Agro do Brasil in the world; Carla Tuccilio is the director of the new company

DC Set Group, the country’s diversified entertainment player, announces its entry into the agribusiness sector with the launch, to be announced in October, of “Brasil Agribusiness”, a communication, information, business and Entertainment industry that wants to talk. A new overview of the content for the sector.

At the head of the new company is the manager Carla Tuccilio, who has worked in the agricultural industry for 20 years and is responsible for the largest local Agro stores in Latin America, such as Feicorte, Feileite and with Feinco. He promoted the biggest beef event in the country, creating the Caminho do Boi project and the “#somosdacarne” campaign.

“We are bringing a new movement that unites the entire Brazilian Agro ecosystem and fosters knowledge, connections and experiences for its players,” said the CEO of Brasil Agribusiness, Carla Tuccilio.

The movement is based on four pillars: Communication to highlight Agro’s main activities, satisfaction to increase the knowledge and increase the knowledge of Agro, business to promote and stimulate the business among the main players of the sector and entertainment with information that aims to add to the daily Agro. , through art exhibitions, gastronomy and nature.

“DC Set Group wants this innovation to integrate itself as a communication and relationship with all the agribusiness production chains in Brazil and the world, through multiplatform data, business networks and eternal entertainments that help to promote the sector. international level”, reports the CEO of the company, Rodrigo Mathias.

He points out that 90% of foreign investments in agtechs in North America are destined for Brazil. “Based on this perspective, we want to reinforce the image of the country as one of the biggest players in the world in this sector. We have the right technology and new expertise. Our profile in the areas of games and digital entertainment, without a doubt, it is a great difference for the DC Set Group.

Among the activities of the project, stands the first metaverse of Agro, which covers the main production chains in the sector. “Our proposal is to diversify the access to Agro knowledge, in Brazil and in the world. The metaverse is the tool that works as a virtual center to create opportunities for everyone involved to the ecosystem,” said Mathias. A major event in humanity, which will be held every year from June 2023, is described as SP Expo.


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