One shot may be the atomic bomb of fascism at the polls. by Moisés Mendes

No: Bolsonaro’s plan to monitor the TSE election failed. Image: Repeat.

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The battle of equalization, with or without new approvals from the TSE, is the easiest way for Bolsonaro and the military to end the election.

It includes the Army’s Cyber ​​​​Defense Command, personnel with technical knowledge that has less and more dueling methods on the techniques and vulnerabilities of the selection system, from voting on the number.

But there is a simple example that anyone with a weapon can pull off. It is a resource that does not know the implementation and its consequences.

A shot in or out of a precinct, with any serious consequences, can end the election. A single shot, spreading terror, will drive voters away from the polls.

A shooting in a part of the Northeast, where the right side needs a dangerous reality, will send shrapnel through the center of Brazil.

A silly hypothesis? Ask the poll workers, who have already heard the polls, and they will say no, it is not an impossible event. They fear violence and mayhem on election day.

The president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, has already spoken with the orders of the PMs, so they are committed to the security and protection of the armed forces.

But there are no ready, obedient, Republican and loyal PMs to monitor the 496,000 polling stations.

There is no way to fully implement the decision of the TSE so that one does not approach the area with weapons. Not in the fields of São Paulo, nor in Ceará’s Crato.

A shot that inspires other images, even if virtual, will turn social networks to the west.

Parallel computing, whether real-time or not, is just integration. The brutal conditions that lead to instability in the districts, combined with the controversy of the military vote count, make violence inevitable.

A joint investigation of the nature of the Tabajara Organizations can produce real information, but can cause confusion and confusion, in the first or second round.

The Japanese could not prevent the death of their most important person of the century in an attempt that was considered impossible. Shinzo Abe was killed by a shot from a homemade garrucha.

A political shooting today, anywhere, against someone, in Tokyo, in Foz do Iguaçu or in the country of Brazil, is as real as buying rifles , as Taurus did a few days ago.

Violence is wealth in the right hand. One shot, just one, is the atomic bomb of fascism. A similar judicial argument is that the wrong interpretation of actions can lead to chaos.

Brazil, which does not want to answer uncomfortable questions, may be running away from what is today the most dangerous question of a failing democracy.

Are we ready to respond to what comes next, with a second or second round, from now on?

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