Physical surgeries…

The city’s work eliminates the queue for this type of service on the SUS Betim network

Launched in March of this year, the Construction Work Group of the City of Betim, this September, reached the mark of one thousand visits. So the job has ended the queue for this kind of process. Procedures such as tubal ligation, hysterectomies, hysteroscopies, Bartholin’s gland excision, cystoceles, etc. are performed. Surgeries are performed at the Maternal-Infant Center (CMI), which has a floor prepared with medical and post-surgical rooms to receive patients.

To carry out the work, the Ministry of Health established a partnership with the social organization Instituto de Saúde Nossa Senhora da Vitória (INSV), which manages the CMI. A strong search for women waiting for procedures in the queue has been done slowly by the team of the Administrative Board during these six months. When called, the patient undergoes an assessment and a pre-surgical consultation and then the procedure is scheduled.

The municipal secretary of Health, Fernanda de Oliveira, pointed out that the plan has reached its goal by eliminating the waiting list for gynecological services of various types. “The joint effort is one of the things we are doing to improve the health of women in Betim and to improve the quality of life for those who are waiting for surgery. We started the work group of gynecological surgeries in women’s month and we end Pink October, this is very important,” he said.

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