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The promise of easy and fast money, in addition to funny memes using the name “Pix’s vulture”, is used as bait to connect a wall to social networks using another device from hacker attacks, when the device is infected by a virus. , for example. . The cybercrime weapon, in this case, is social engineering, a technique that can be done online, through fake images on websites, or using human relationships and using malware, such as mobile phones.

PIX Vulture (Photo: Playback/Twitter)

The purpose of this scam is to deceive people, offering “free opportunities” for a limited time or at lower prices. But in the end, it’s a lie. And no one is exempt from that, according to cybersecurity experts. This is because there is no specific profile for social engineering professionals, considering the amount of personal information that is available today on social networks.

How the ‘Pix Vulture’ Scam Works

A page with a lot of followers on the microblog announces an offer from another world: on top of that, the user who transfers a certain amount through Pix will increase that amount and return it in minutes. But the money did not come back, and the user can have a bigger headache: the fraudster can steal personal data. Because many people use CPF or mobile number in Pix key.

The ad brings a link that leads to WhatsApp, and this is how the scam is used. To give credibility to social media, fraudsters send a “test value” for the user to fall into the trap. Pages also use the “Pix vulture” cashback.

– This scam promises huge profits to the victims. In general, users are advised to be careful with the best offers, such as high yields in a short period of time – explains Cristian Souza, professor at Instituto Daryus de Ensino Superior Paulista (Idesp) and Cyber ​​​​​​Security consultant at Daryus Consultoria.

Another page on Twitter offers a table with values. For an investment of BRL 1,000, the return is BRL 7,500; to R$ 2 thousand, from R$ 15 thousand. And the signs below: safe, convenient and fast. One internet user is grateful and recommends “Pix’s vulture” and posts a low quality picture of the trap.

How to protect yourself from social engineering?

• Avoid clicking on links or advertisements that promise gifts, which are often sent through email programs or SMS.

• For the victims of the scam, it is necessary to write down the details of the transaction and submit a report at the police station.

• Avoid submitting personal information or work. Only leave important content on specific sites for this, such as LinkedIn.

• Do not accept help from strangers: Calls offering help and surreal moments are also attempts at fraud. Don’t give out your personal data and always check the official service channels.

• Use and update your antivirus: whether on your personal computer or work computer, check your protection software today and the company offers other tools such as VPN and two-step.

• Be careful when placing tools on your machine. Don’t download apps and software from dubious or unknown websites. They can be illegal or infected with malware.

• Enable two-step verification. Whenever possible, leave authentication on your apps, especially social media and banking apps and digital accounts.

The language of the sites

After being investigated, Twitter revealed that it had “fired people who disagreed with its policies”. He added that stories or information can be reported through the Twitter Help Center or in the app itself.

WhatsApp says it “does not allow the use of its service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, such as violating the rights of third parties, inciting or encouraging the illegal and unethical, setting up real dangers.” He added that if the user rejects the Terms of Service or the policies, WhatsApp can do something about this account, such as canceling or suspending it.

“Using end-to-end encryption in a standard way, WhatsApp cannot access the information of messages exchanged between users and does not process the exchange of see.”

How to show?

The application indicates that the report can be made directly in the conversations, through the “Report” option found in the application menu (Menu> More> Report) or by pressing a message and holding it for a long time. accessing Menu > Report.

“Users can send reports to support@whatsapp.com, explaining what happened with as much information as possible including a screenshot,” it said in a letter.

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