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[00:00:00] News Antena 1 Good morning!

[00:00:08] A secret Google project was released earlier this week, according to technical portals Tapia.

[00:00:16] Líria, which promises to provide ultra-fast internet in the air, on land and at sea, has released information with information about the project.

[00:00:24] It has an integrated technology that allows the communication to be carried out over the air without supporting local systems.

[00:00:33] This level requires eight million seven hundred thousand dollars with the US defense innovation unit.

[00:00:41] It is announced that the company from abroad is an expert in national security and has experience with government affairs, in addition to providing an office for happiness.

[00:00:52] A large number of former Google employees are working on this level, among them, twenty who are considered by many to be one of the fathers of the web.

[00:01:02] Reports published earlier this year revealed that Google has transferred a decade of intellectual property and patents and assets to the bookstore.

[00:01:11] BH Tec holds a minority stake in the national company.

[00:01:15] But the company’s specific figures, among other information, remain under wraps.

[00:01:21] Joy is just the latest format spinoff investment from Google and its parent company Alphabet.

[00:01:29] The big technology is the home of other startups, such as the network related to autonomous driving and the developer of augmented reality in Among the light models of non-agency offices Podcast Antena 1 Noticias Sweden’s first democratic prime minister, Madalena Enderson, has been accepted to victory after controversy. choose

[00:01:52] The first woman, prime minister of Sweden since two thousand twenty one, said the results showed that the right-wing opposition party won.

[00:02:02] Two of Shanghai’s international airlines canceled all commercial flights on Wednesday ahead of typhoon Wipha Costa, east China.

[00:02:12] It is expected to cause heavy rain and wind in the coastal provinces.

[00:02:17] Schools and tourist attractions were closed.

[00:02:21] The U.S. Department of State said three Iranian nationals worked on a plan to organize hundreds of organizations in the country and around the world.

[00:02:31] The indictment does not accuse Iranians of working directly on behalf of the Iranian government, but of working for organizations linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

[00:02:44] Russian businessman Ivan and Karin, director of the organization for the development of the Eastern Arctic, were found dead in Vladivostok.

[00:02:53] This is the latest in a series of mysterious deaths among Russian officials, according to Russian state media.

[00:02:59] RIA Novosti reports that the body of the businessman was found near the village of Birigüi.

[00:03:07] He died on the tenth of September.

[00:03:11] Brazilians can get Portuguese citizenship online According to Pedro Fernando Tavares, Minister of Justice of Portugal, the resource can be released until the end of this year through the local Justice network.

[00:03:25] The purpose of the measure is to reduce the face-to-face procedures at notaries, who face a high demand for documents, said the Minister.

[00:03:34] I’m João Carlos Santana and you’re listening to the Antena 1 Noticias Podcast that shows you the highlights of BBC radio around the world in London.

[00:03:43] The singer was sentenced on Wednesday in the United States on three counts of encouraging minors for sex and three counts of making child pornography.

[00:03:55] The jury did not find the Anhembi star guilty of obstruction of justice in relation to the 2088 trial which ended in his acquittal.

[00:04:04] In addition, two co-accused were acquitted in the trial that year, and are now charged with fraud and tried with him.

[00:04:15] Another important element of the British media.

[00:04:17] Claro played British actress Queen Elizabeth the Second in the first two seasons of the series, and she told the website that she was honored to play a small part in her story.

[00:04:30] He added that Elizabeth brought people together and was a great symbol of perseverance, dignity and kindness.

[00:04:38] The New York site.

[00:04:40] Sheldon said that in addition to being an American music star and a coach on the City Voice program, he also became a graphic designer.

[00:04:49] The artist met the law saying to create a clothing collection.

[00:04:53] Shaldon acknowledged that he does not consider himself a movie star, but he said that he is a fan of comfortable clothes in the Fox News radio station, also from America, who recalled on Wednesday the cybernetic relationship between of singer Britney Spears and Prince William.

[00:05:10] When both were young, the show featured an interview of the artist of two thousand and two with talk show host Frank Skinner.

[00:05:19] Only twenty years.

[00:05:20] The singer revealed that she invited the Prince of Wales to dinner during his visit to London, but he did not show up.

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