Proceeds will be returned to Encounter of Entourage and Viola to Lar São Paulo Apostole

The Recanto Mineiro event is in its third edition and will be held next Sunday, with horse riding and a full lunch.

The 3rd party of Entourage and Viola, promoted by Recanto Mineiro de Catanduva, will be held next Sunday, the 25th, with the funds going to Lar São Paulo Apostolo, a club of Jardim das Palmeiras , in Pindorama.

The event is a horse-drawn carriage leaving from Recanto, scheduled for 8 am, Modas de Viola, starting at 9 am, and returning and lunch at noon.

Entry is free, but the membership fee for the standard lunch, which includes ribs in the pan, fried rice, cassava salad, vinaigrette and farofa, is R$35. Beverages are not included.

For Fernanda da Conceição Silva, director of Recanto Mineiro, the goal is to preserve and save the rustic culture, which has millions of followers in Brazil. “In Catanduva it is not different. We have a loyal audience that wants to join, enjoying the viola caipira style and participating in the cavalcade”, he revealed.

The meeting will also feature musicians including the country group, Filhos da Terra, and the duo composed of Geyssinho and Narah, who will bring a piece of Northeastern forró.

In addition to keeping these traditions, the third edition of the Encounter of Entourage and Viola has its love aspect, since all the proceeds from the event will go to Lar São Paulo Apostolo.

The agency works to rehabilitate, house and reintegrate approximately 30 inmates who are being treated for chemical and alcohol dependency. In addition, the Home is also a project that serves 29 families in Jardim das Palmeiras, giving 70 lunch boxes from Monday to Friday to 70 people.

The choice of the group that has, according to the responsibility of Recanto Mineiro, due to the concern of the organizers that the event affects the culture and social.

“The purpose of this diverted income is to supply our bank because we use a lot of food here, although the collections are very low. Therefore, when we receive a benefit like this, we expect to return the food, the bills that we always pay and the house maintenance, “said Kátia Gomes, the president of Lar São Paulo Apostolo, he also, with his company, in a pastel tent to raise money for the school.

“Our main hope is that this event will become a tradition in Catanduva and there is nothing better than helping these people whose only intention is to save and change lives. We are happy to be able to participate and join this thing”, said the director of Recanto Mineiro, which he hopes will, in the future, become a hub of the caipira culture and a tourist destination in Catanduva.

For more information, WhatsApp for contact on the number (17) 9 9779-3286.

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