Red alert: the risk of an attack is real and Mercado Livre (MELI34) is on the list of victims; cybersecurity performance can go up to 100% with cases like this; know how

I am very clear: who are you, Your data is published online by the love of another hackers the same half decides to enter them.

I’m not talking about the stupid information you are posting on the internet, you have valuable information, such as ID, CPF, address, bank details etc. All these are hidden on the internet, and if you are not lucky, a hackers you can find it – even in companies you trust. Because this has happened many times.

I will tell the example of Free Market (MELI34). At the beginning of March, the company suffered a serious cyber attack and the data of about 300 thousand users was obtained, if you shop there, it’s time to check if yours is not on the list .

Don’t have the patience to read to the end? You can watch the video below and complete this information in less than 5 minutes. Click to play below:

To be continued… There is a case of America (AMER3). In February of this year, the customer suffered a cyberattack, although the data leakage has not been confirmed, taking the network for days.

the thing itself Microsoft (MSFT34), a world leader in technology, became a disaster in March of this year. The hacker group Lapsus$ gained access to one of the company’s systems. And surprise: according to information from Bloomberg, the person suspected of leading the attack is a 16-year-old Englishman. You didn’t read it wrong.

They are not alone. We are talking about a group of companies that have entered the virtual world. Some cases that occurred in 2021: Porto Seguro, CVC, Lojas Renner and JBS.

“It seems like something out of a movie, but most hacker attacks work in simple ways. If we think about the companies going house officefor example, it can be loaded through the employees’ modem”, explains the global equity analyst at Empiricus, Enzo Pacheco.

Therefore, the companies that work on the digital defense of other companies against hackers are gaining more and more popularity in the market and, therefore, in the Stock Exchange. By the way, they have already attracted the attention of investors and can put good money in your pocket. This is what I am talking about now:

The Cybersecurity market is growing at 20% a year – and it can be worth the profits

In the opinion of the analyst, João Piccioni, cybersecurity will become a major concern for companies from now on and investments in this area should grow. “Businesses are very concerned about the continuity of the business and this depends on the plan to act quickly in events of this nature”, he explained.

According to Piccioni, the market has everything to continue strong growth in the coming years. The analyst points out that he expects an annual growth of 20% for the cybersecurity market around the world and this may mean that companies appreciate the business more, making it a good asset. for a long time.

He himself Ramadan saw it. The second acquisition in the history of Google is a cloud security company called Mandiantfor US $ 5.4 billion, This shows the great desire of the technology to invest a lot in protect your data.

In the year, the Mandiant (MNDT, on Nasdaq) is up 30%. But it is not the most important to provide income to investors, in the opinion of international financial analysts João Piccioni, Enzo Pacheco and Richard Camargo.

According to the three experts, the most important factor today with the strongest potential for growth is the Confusion (C2RW34, on B3, or CRWD, on Nasdaq).

But why is CrowdStrike a good investment in the area of ​​cyber defense?

According to João Piccioni, “a company that can go beyond tools and really use technologies – such as artificial intelligence and machine learning – to protect people’s information. “

The company uses the Falcon platform, which works on two pillars: to collect information about the use of systems and to integrate threats to correct the data submitted by the user. The goal is to gather information about cyber attacks.

All this happens in real time as Falcon’s algorithm starts to find patterns, vulnerabilities and create defense mechanisms through artificial intelligence.

To give you an idea, over trillions of signals are sent to the source every day. Also, the system logic creates a responsive function. This means that when a new vulnerability is discovered in a user, all customers will know about it.

The company’s business model is very simple, analysts say: It’s a combination of how many customers use Falcon, how many modules they use, and the value of the service. “Companies and acquisitions can, of course, add more modules to the range of options”, explained Piccioni and Pacheco in a report.

According to analysts, it is important to show the growth in the number of customers of the company.

According to predictions by Empiricus’ global investment team, the Confusion reach 90 thousand customers in the coming years.

The projection for a reasonable growth in the customer base, stability in the value of the modules and the new dilution to cover the expenses with the price payment for the managers.

looking at the financial model of the deal, the publishers see 100% upside potential for Crowdstrike shares in the long term.

The problems…

It is important to show that the company has a great reputation in cybersecurity and, for analysts, it is seen as the sector’s long-term success. So stocks are expensive.

“At the height of the euphoria we saw prices trading at 47 times expected sales for the next 12 months,” they said.

If you are considering investing, it is important to weigh the risks: the high competition in the industry and the business model (the company can fail many times and lead to leakage data) is important.

Also, major technologies – eg Microsoft and Alphabet (Google) – there are investments in cybersecurity.

But it doesn’t end there: 2 ETFs to introduce yourself to the cybersecurity market

Before starting to talk about the two ETFs for those who want to expose themselves to the cybersecurity market, it is necessary to understand one thing: this is not a recommendation, only investment information to stand by in this market.

the first is the iShares Cybersecurity and Tech (IHAK) ETFwhich appreciated 60% in the last three years on the New York Stock Exchange.

The international companies that make up this ETF provide cybersecurity products and services to businesses in finance, communications, IT, manufacturing and most of government and defense.

The ETF includes more than 40 companies in the sector, including Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks,. The money was first calculated in June 2019.

Another ETF allows investors to expose themselves to this ever-growing market Practice Cloud Volt and Cybersecurity Disruptionwhose address on the New York Stock Exchange is VCLO.

It includes companies that executives believe are among the most revolutionary names in the cloud and cybersecurity industry in the world.

The most interesting thing about this ETF is that it represents stock options, which are nothing more than contracts where the right to buy or sell shares is negotiated. Lots of units at a fixed price for a limited time.

The VCLO began to be sold in December 2020. It is not very appreciated, it has only increased by 3% so far, but it has promised companies in the opinion of managers of Asset responsible for the ETF. Some of these companies are Crowdstrike, CloudFlare, Datadog and the famous Microsoft.

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