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City crews work to build sidewalks, curbs and gutters at the site this week

The population should take responsibility for keeping the city clean with the government officials. To encourage residents to dispose of waste directly, a simple act that helps protect the environment, the Hortolândia Museum will advance a new operation of the new PEV (Voluntary Delivery Point) for trash and recycling) at Stephanie’s Garden. The new location is on Rua Um, near the Remanso das Águas socio-environmental park.

After completing the earthworks, this week the teams of the Department of Urban Affairs will carry out the construction of sidewalks, curbs and drains where the new PEV will be located. “With the end of this stage, we will start the masonry and, later, the wall of the land with the installation of a wall”, explains the assistant secretary of Urban Services, Marco Antonio Panício “Mercadão”.

In accordance with the public environmental policies implemented by the City Hall, the construction of the new PEV will be carried out in a sustainable manner. According to the assistant secretary, the materials collected by the city during the destruction of the PEV Gabriel will be reused in the construction of the new PEV. According to Mercadão, construction is expected to be completed in 90 days.

The new PEV will replace the PEV Gabriel, which was discontinued due to the works to expand the Lago da Fé, which was first presented by the City Museum, in May of this year, during the program commemorating 31 years of political liberation. town.

the nearest PEVs

The Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development emphasizes that the population of the Parque Gabriel area was not harmed by the demolition of the PEV, although there are three areas close to the one that was demolished, two of them, PEVs Jardim Nova Alvorada and Jardim O São Sebastião, dedicated ( by City Hall to the last year. The three closest PEVs to the broken down PEV are:

– PEV Jardim Nova Alvorada: Rua Alcebíades Marques, 15

– PEV Jardim Interlagos: on Rua Tapajós (First Floor 5), ​​s/nº

– PEV Jardim São Sebastião: Principal Rua Lúcio Alves da Costa, 90 (near the Neighborhood Residents Association)

With the construction of the new Jardim Estefânia PEV, Hortolândia will have 13 PEVs. The public can inquire about the 12 PEVs through this LINK.

Awards and the “Green Agenda” program

As the new PEV is being built, the Municipality of Hortolândia has been recognized for its broad environmental policies at the state level. The city was awarded by the state program “Municipio VerdeAzul”, last month. The award is given for the works carried out in 2021. Hortolândia is in the 43rd position, with 85.15 points, in the list of the project that includes 645 municipalities in São Paulo.

Source: City Hall

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