Russia orchestrated cyber and military attacks on Ukraine, Microsoft says – 4/28/2022

A group of hackers affiliated with the Russian government has carried out hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukraine since Moscow invaded the neighboring country, Microsoft said in a report released on Wednesday. .

The technology giant, as a part of the “hybrid” war, Russia often combines cyberattacks with military operations on the battlefield.

“Beginning before the attack, we know that at least six actors from the states that cooperate with Russia are launching more than 237 actions against Ukraine,” said Microsoft, to do together with Ukrainian cybersecurity experts and private companies against these attacks.

The American organization said that this cyber war involves “ongoing attacks that threaten the rights of civilians”.

The report notes that in the first week of the attack, Russian hackers attacked a major Ukrainian media outlet “on the same day that the Russian military announced its intention to destroy Ukrainian ‘disinformation’ targets and directed a missile attack against a television tower.”.

The US organization emphasized that the purpose of these attacks is to “disrupt or undermine the military and government activities of Ukraine and undermine public confidence in those institutions.”

In addition, Microsoft revealed that it has detected about 40 destructive cyberattacks targeting hundreds of systems, a third of which were targeted against Ukrainian government organizations at all levels from the local government, while the other 40%.

“These tools like to modify their malware with every effort to avoid detection,” the report continued, pointing out that hackers have started to prepare their campaigns on March 2021, almost a year before Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

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