Sainz shares father’s advice for F1: “Be the hunter, not the hunted” – Formula 1 News

In 2022 Carlos Sainz won his first victory and pole positions in Formula 1. The Spaniard has a car in his hands that can compete with the title challenger Red Bull, although the going straight season for Max Verstappen’s double race. . However, he explains that in order to apply to F1, the driving style and mentality must change: from naivety to ferocity.

“I’m very shy and I’m friends with a lot of people, all bus drivers,” he said in an interview with The New York Times.

“When I get to a racetrack, I’m going to get kicked out, I’m going to leave the race by people who I thought would never do it to me because we were good outside the car,” he said.

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Carlos Sainz is fifth in the championship (Photo: Ferrari)

#55 explains that his father, Carlos, is responsible for showing him the ‘truth’. The former Sainz is best known for his career in the World Rally, a category in which he won twice.

“My father told me, ‘Look, it’s not just in life, but in every sport you do, you’re going to bite or you’re going to get bitten. You’ve got to go up, get harder. , because if you don’t, you’re the loser.’ That advice changed my path and career,” he explained.

“After putting on the helmet, I try to be the hunter, not the hunted. My bet is that it’s genetic. ”

With one win, two poles and seven podiums, Sainz is fifth in the drivers’ championship with 187 points – 32 points behind his teammate. Ferrari is second in the constructors’ standings with 406.

Formula 1 returns on 2 October for the Singapore GP, the 17th round of 2022, with full coverage of the GREAT PRIZE.

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