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By Daniel Rangel, from Paris

Judith Bernstein, 79, has always used brushes to express his avant-garde ideas through his art. As a woman in nature, the artist is not afraid to show what he came up with when it takes a lot of strength to take a stand. Even when the wave of new artists came out and became a trend, Judy was decades ahead, because not for a minute did she stop her work and shows his knowledge – especially the woman, we can describe him as a humanist. His impatience paved the way for many other artists.

Honored by many museums today, Judy was recorded at the beginning of her career not for the political message carried by her works, but for the erotic content of her works. In exhibitions such as “Woman’s Work: American Art” (1974), her colleagues wrote a petition for her work not to be ignored, see. Alice Neel, Louise Bourgeois, among others. But there was no way against the moralism of the time. For him, there is a phallus (from the Latin phallus, symbol given to images of an erect penis) on his head. “It’s something to see.” And he knew that right away.

“Money Network” (2016) – Credit: Report

His story on the war in Vietnam shows in small pieces and is part of major museum and private collections around the world. The works were presented at the Smithsonian Museum and MIA, in 2019 and 2020, in the exhibition “Artist Respond: American Art and Vietnam War”, 1965-1975. Not to mention in 2012, when he invaded the walls of the New Museum with his trademark and his work from the Vietnam War, in the exhibition “Once Banished, Never Silenced”.

“Horizontal” (1973) – Image: Publicity

Not everyone had an easy start, after graduating from Yale. He went from door to door looking for galleries. And denial is part of his strength and leadership. “I think I have a good idea.” Today, the path for women is much easier than a few years ago, and the #metoo movement is one of the reasons behind this change. “We have a lot to accomplish,” he said.

From his own signature, mentioned above, influenced by New York graffiti, he says that charcoal is “very emotional” in working with this material. His penises represent the patriarchal power over women in our society. Judy went to many events, but always kept her beginning, in the year 1960. our daily lives and the bonds we have. succeed to evolve”, he explained. “Fun Gun”, one of his favorite works, shows a penis in the shape of a revolver, shooting like a rotary machine gun, calling for the power of the gun, not only in his homeland, but avoid wars.

“Five Panel Vertical” (1973) – Image: Publicity

His works in many years, so today, show, in addition to war, fascism, racism, the struggle for equality, the preservation of nature and women. There are frequent and powerful themes in his works. Judith questions everything: where sexuality, politics and good humor come together in a unique way, making her a special artist of the moment. And he understands that very well. “Everything is very serious, with lots of color, pictures and jokes.”

“Birth of the Universe #5” (2012) – Image: Revealed

Before the pandemic, the exhibition “Hot Hands”, at The Box LA gallery, talked about all the anger that was raging in the United States, its policy of terror and questioning the end of the democracy. A few years ago, after the president’s inauguration Donald Trump, Judy went on a solo show called “Cabinet of Horrors”, showing the aspects of Aryan, sexist and fascist supremacy of the candidate chosen for the presidency of the United States, in held at The Drawing Center in New York. . “The rise of global populist leaders is due to many issues that make people angry when their needs are not met,” he explained. “Populist leaders are activists who use charisma and courage to attract voters but have no real principles or moral code. Instead, they are wrong and only act to serve themselves,” he continued.

A display of fluorescent colors, the Big Bangs, American symbols such as the flag itself, the American Eagle, a symbol of the path that the American society has chosen, always calling for the fragility of democracy. When asked about the use of fluorescent colors, he said: “They are beautiful, they are a great experience like the universe. They are strong, they draw attention to the work in the sun and, like the stars, will shine in the dark.

“Red Carpet #5” (2022) – Photo: Show

Surprised by the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that released the right to abortion, guaranteed by the constitution for almost 50 years in the United States, he will not leave it for less. “Despite cybernetic progress, we continue to go backwards with this problem,” he said. He is working on a new novel called “GasLight”, after watching the 1940s film noir (in Brazil, called “À Meia-Luz”), where the kind of. Charles Boyeroccupied by Gary Antontry to make his wife angry, Paul (Ingrid Bergman), based on some rubies left by his late aunt – an actress. Additionally, it questions patriarchal power in society, drawing attention to psychological abuse between men and mental health.

After many hours of conversation and various topics, he was summed up as a believer, with the fact that humanity has come a long way. “The only problem is this great fear of the future. The only way rulers can continue to control people is through fear, even though the future is uncertain. measure, but we have no choice but to abandon the old values ​​and embrace the 21st century. “If we are educated and smart enough to use it, we can develop millions of amazing things – from finding life on other planets to new solutions to many problems.”

The “Supercock” job – Image: Report

Humanist, feminist and many more fit this force of nature. Firm and strong on his platform, an almost octogenarian pioneer who believes that life is a gift. And we need to change our temporary place in this beautiful world. For those who think too far, he has a message. “I am sure that it will be a long-term commitment, very complete, and it cannot be completed immediately”, he concluded.

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