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Beautiful decorations – The Athea Series, by Roca Cerámica, impresses at first glance. The depth of the veins and the important nuances of the Onyx marble are in the 120x120cm and 120x250cm porcelain tiles, which reflect the nature of the natural stone.

Now is the time to decorate the house to welcome friends and family in style. As the last months of the year are approaching, there is nothing better than sharing special moments with loved ones. And since the theme is conviviality, the living room – combined with other areas or not – plays an important role when welcoming guests. This environment represents the business card of the home, so it needs a pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time it has a solution. Roca Brasil Cerámica, represented by the brands Roca Cerámica and Incepa, offers inspiration for the bedroom, according to each style.

“Each family has a style of living, and therefore, a story to be told through decoration, especially the living room, which is considered the central center of the house. We have a wide variety of clothes in our inventory, from the most unique to the most daring, so that every customer can find what suits their style”, says Christie Schulka , Director at Roca Brasil Cerámica.

Different colors – Three room ideas with the Stucco series porcelain tiles, by Roca Cerámica, in Chrome, Coral and Siena tones. Inspired by an ancient Italian technique, the line seeks to take the walls in the form of stones. The matt surface offers spots of shine, a hint of originality and a velvety color palette. The current wall from the dimensions of SuperFormatos walls, measures 120x250cm.
Quality – Incepa’s Venatino Series is inspired by the Italian Carrara Venatino, with smooth, longitudinal veins. The tables presented in 120x120cm and 100x200cm tables combine the style of marble with the new style of the SuperFormatos. At 30 × 90.2 cm in size, the shape of the marble covers the sinuous relief and the fit between the pieces creates a continuous design, with movement. Suitable for interior walls or floors.
Aconchego – The tree is similar to affective memory. However, reproduction in porcelain requires, with high technology, constant play with styles. The Lounge Series, by Roca Cerámica, recreates wood in its original form. Nordic inspiration in light glasses: natural and oak. Its prints are different, the result is different so that the result is consistent with what is found in the form. Available in 20x120cm format
Contemporary – In Inepa’s Seattle Series, the porcelain tile prints patterns of industrial technology on its surface. A complete line has been proposed in polished, satin and ABS styles, to allow its application in integrated environments. In the photo, the walls have a 30x60cm covering.
Humanity – The Bauhaus Series, by Roca Cerámica, is inspired by the minimalist and graphic geometry of technical sculptures, sculpted by small pieces, without exaggeration. Color planes are simply created between the layers, allowing for different compositions. It’s a fun game and a beautiful ending. Play it True. Wall covers are 21.5 × 21.5cm
The joy of decoration – The Patch Series, by Incepa, brings products inspired by classic hydraulic tiles, presented in a youthful outfit, with colors and design. The wall covering is available in the format 21.5 × 21.5cm, in 6 different colors (green, blue, yellow, orange, coral and purple) with geometric shapes that allow free and dynamic compositions .

From Roca Brasil Cerámica

Innovation, advanced technology, a high level of quality, translating into the complete satisfaction of our customers, and vision of the future, combined with responsibility environment, guides the DNA of Roca Brasil Cerámica, a sustainable world. The company ranks as a reference among the largest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in the world, with its brands Roca Cerámica and Incepa.

To this end, the company constantly invests in its factories through technologies combined with the product development team, to ensure that it offers the market a stable portfolio of parts that follow the design methods and including building a full technical implementation – as is the case here. Supercompactadora Contínua +, acquired by Roca Brasil Cerámica in 2014, and started working in 2015. In addition, the process has a 180 m furnace and a polishing system with 60 heads, which can reduce the use of energy, to continue the process over time. compared to traditional techniques. Therefore, sustainability and beauty go hand in hand, creating lines with solutions for all home environments, including small and superformat units, able to serve the covering and furniture markets.

From the end of 2021, it became Grupo Lamosa, a Mexican company with a worldwide presence in the production and sale of ceramic tiles and adhesives. A history of more than 130 years in the construction industry, with operations in 9 countries and 33 production centers in America and Europe. Today, Grupo Lamosa occupies a leading position in the markets where it enters, being the second largest producer of ceramic tiles in the world with an annual installation capacity of more than 225 million m² .

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