Six tips to protect yourself from cyber attacks

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According to a study by Intel 471, 34 “specimens” of different ransomware were discovered in the last three months of 2021, with 722 cyberattacks recorded. Most recently, the same company that attacked the Ministry of Health has also been accused of Mercado Livre, whose data of 300,000 users in some countries has been exposed, and also Samsung, to stream measuring 190 GB of personal data.

With the increase in attacks and the risks businesses and users face, it’s only fair that companies start making cybersecurity investments. Here in Brazil, according to PwC’s “Digital Trust Insights 2022” study, 83% of Brazilian companies predict an increase in cybersecurity spending this year. Globally, this percentage is 69%.

Therefore, Bravo GRC, a technology and consulting company specialized in Governance, Risk, Compliance and ESG, has prepared 6 strategies to protect companies from cyber attacks. Search:

1. Develop an Information Security Program

When the IT area is located in the center, the project must have internal and external policies for the use of data, confidentiality, the use of devices with different levels of authorization. guidelines for the behavior of employees when using the company’s systems and software, among other conditions. affect the entire production chain.

2. Install technical solutions that protect data and counter cyber attacks

These platforms help detect errors and protect portals from attackers quickly and efficiently, improving attack prevention in large, actionable strategies. reduce attacks and data hijacking. Also, pay attention to basic backup functions, data loss prevention functions, firewall, privacy protection and other features.

3. Prevent data leakage

Well-organized processes related to risk and incident management, combined with security development and regular monitoring of data, are the main success factors in cybersecurity. Be aware of system code vulnerabilities, APIs without proper protection and improper implementation of Cloud servers.

4. Prepare for data access (Ransomware)

This type of attack is done in a simple way, in order to enter the company’s systems through security holes and then infect the available data. The effective management and administration of the company’s important data and information (Data Governance), such as logins and passwords for access to the systems, combined with the systems innovation and a team trained to avoid opening suspicious emails (Pishing), are successful. the procedure for preventing the attack of Ransomware. Do not forget about redundancy systems, which promote the availability of data and information about hacker attack situations, ensuring the continuity of operations.

5. Provide timely training for employees

The integration between good tools and software, common procedures and well-trained personnel to act in times of crisis is essential to the success of the organization in the face of problems. cyber. In practice, instead of training how to act during and after a cyber attack, it is necessary to adjust the defense methods and methods.

6. Promote risk management and a culture of business continuity

Regular training, established guidelines and policies, openness to questions and innovative work models are among the factors that promote a risk management culture and business continuity in a hi. Problems like internal failure, lack of leadership and carelessness can be minimized.

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