Sorocaba is among the cities in Brazil with the largest number of breweries – Agência de Notícias

If Sorocaba is famous for being one of the best cities to live and invest in, now it has one more reason to celebrate. According to the 2021 Beer Yearbook, released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map), the city occupies the seventh place in terms of the number of breweries in Brazil.

The analysis shows that there are 1,549 houses of this type in the country, 17 of them are only in the municipality, which shows the importance of the Polo Brewery of Sorocaba and Region.

The number of registered breweries in Brazil has increased by 12% in 2021, compared to the previous year. In this situation, encompassing 672 municipalities, Sorocaba surpasses other cities of equal or greater size, such as Rio de Janeiro (17), Ribeirão Preto (13), Joinville (12), Petrópolis (12), Campinas (10) , among other Brazilian cities.

“We are always improving the sectors that are in favor of our city, with the creation of jobs, adding to the tourist areas provided. This is one more reason to celebrate the Sorocabano”, in announced by the Secretary of Economic Development, Labor and Tourism (Sedettur), Paulo Henrique Marcelo.

In the ever-changing brewing sector, Sorocaba has Brewpub-style businesses, establishments where beer is made in one place; such as the Tap Room/Bar, Tap House/Bar and Empório breweries, which only work with special beers and craft; The Tap Houses are bars with many taps of artisanal draft beer and the Tap Room, with an area where house beers are prepared for consumption.

“Our city stands, especially, in different sectors of the economy and this is another achievement of the hard work of all those involved. The mission is always to attract investments and people to visit Sorocaba. Therefore, we will have more jobs, quality of life and tourist attractions”, said the head of Sedettur’s Tourism Division, Daniel Leite.

APL Brewer

Sorocaba received, at the beginning of 2022, the recognition of Local Productive Arrangement (APL), as a brewing center in the state of São Paulo, with 24 microbreweries registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map). In the Metropolitan Region, there are more than 30, it is a sector that is stronger, more important, and has moved to a production chain based on industry, services and trade.

Local Productive Arrangements (APLs) are groups of companies and businesses, located in the same country, that have a specific business, some form of management and maintain links of articulation, cooperation, cooperation and learning with other and local actors, such as: government, business, credit, education and research.

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