Suvinil produces Orange Calcite

Suvinil’s color of the year 2023 brings a leading question: how do we feel now? Titled Calcita Alaranjada, the shade is part of a year-long trend study conducted by the brand and is part of the O Poder das Cores palette.

The research was led by color consultant and creative director Michel Loft, who has been in the position for three years, and the environments were registered by art director Natalia Marlucci.

There are 26 colors divided into 5 palettes that represent social, global and geographical aspects and invite the population to think about the impact of colors on their daily lives.

Color of the Year 2023: Calcite Orange

Source: Suvinyl

The tone chosen as the main theme of 2023 is inspired by the homonymous mineral. The color saves the earthy orange with the intention of bringing new energy and comfort to the environments. As a result, Orange Calcite offers hope and security at the same time.

After years of crisis due to the epidemic, the brand encourages the public to seek refuge through ideas. In this way, chromatic intelligence is used to create an environment that suits the emotions.

Orange Calcite is an earthy orange color associated with sounds dug from the earth by our ancestors. In addition, it brings new energy with the effervescence and futuristic of the 70s.

As such, a rejuvenating and purifying stone, Orange Calcite balances emotions, combats stress and dispels fear while reducing stress and upliftment. to the ability of people.

It is also worth noting that the Suvinil color of 2023 is 100% mineral pigmentation and is part of a limited edition. There is a mixture of clays and, therefore, no synthetic pigments are used.

“Suvinyl Reveal emphasizes the presence and power of colors in all areas of life. It uses one of the main missions of our brand, which is the 100% Brazilian study to translate our stories through colors, as a tool to facilitate the painting journey.

For 2023, we build learning in a simple and easy way. In addition to the color of the year, we will have a unique curatorship with five palettes to facilitate the process of choosing the color, presenting this trajectory in a more autonomous and intuitive way to the customer”, explains Sylvia Gracia, Marketing Director – Color and Information at Suvinil. .

Man using ink Suvinyl Orange Calcite is the color of the year 2023.
Source: Suvinyl

The power of colors

The five themes that represent this collection are based on contemporary ideas. Therefore, they are called: The Exhausted; The Optimist; Happiness; Relationship; and Cybernetics. As a result, they all invite personal evaluation to provide a suitable palette for each situation.

“Translating the meaning of the times we live in into color is a fun and important dive, as we are in a dynamic and changing environment.

So, for 2023, we bring a sense of humor everywhere, from the name of the palettes to the way we present things to the public. The color of the year defines our needs.

We speak a positive and inspired voice about our renewed relationship with nature: the terrible power of global nuance, with the ability to reduce our impact on the world”, says Michell Lott, Suvinil color consultant. 2023.


A colorful table in a dining room.
Source: Suvinyl

The name of the palette is based on the famous meme: “I look tired – I learn”. This is the reason for the fast pace of the world with the amount of information that has left the body and mind.

That’s why the Exhausted palette offers lighter and lighter tones, without saturation to encourage mental relaxation.

positive feedback

The double bedroom with green ceiling is one of Suvinil's signature colors.
Source: Suvinyl

Global change is what many people have in mind for the future.

Therefore, A Optimista uses happy and stimulating colors to create inspiring environments. In addition, the palette allows chromatic differences to change between luminosity and intensity.

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The living room is painted blue, yellow and purple.
Source: Suvinyl

On the other hand, A Empolgada is a palette filled with strong and light tones that guarantee a lot of dopamine in spaces.

After all, the new generation is charged with radical happiness.

The Relationship

Pastel pink and blue in the home office.
Source: Suvinyl

Popular pastel tones are back. But now, they have changed to the technical palette. Conectada offers light and desaturated colors that seek to prolong everyday life and give a sense of order.

Ultimately, it inspires the future!


The Suvinil Red of the Year 2023 combines blue and green.
Source: Suvinyl

In addition, it is clear that the metaverse cannot be left out of the trends for the color of the year 2023. The Cybernetics palette combines citrus green and metallic silver with lilac showing the abundance of deep ocean and atmosphere. sidereal.

The earthy orange represents the fusion between antiquity and futurism.

“We are fulfilling a desire that has been with us for a long time, to launch, with the color of the year, our first product with 100% mineral pigmentation, according to our commitment to be a sustainable brand.

We know that we have a long way to go to a sustainable life and therefore, we continue to move forward to build a future for all people.

This is another result drawn through methods that recognize the needs of the consumer, who are increasingly looking for sustainable products”, said Renato Firmiano, the Director of Suvinil.

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About Suvinil – the color of the year 2023

Suvinil is a BASF decorative paint brand.

Presented for over 60 years all over Brazil, the brand decorates thousands of people’s homes and helps paint their history.

We see the value of plurality every day and, over time, we change ourselves and go with the movements and changes of society.

The close and close relationship with our clients, customers and partners has allowed us to create activities that are consistent with the brand’s philosophy of “all colors, all history”.

In addition, and to provide more shopping experiences, especially meeting the requirements and trends of customers, we offer more than a full line of products for you to paint walls, floors, ceilings, tiles, wood, metal and other materials, we appreciate through many experiences and we encourage innovation and the exchange of stories through the use of paints and the intensity of colors.

Also learn about our ongoing activities on the landing page, follow product news and inspiring stories on Pinterest and Instagram: @tintas_suvinil

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