Taiwan will implement blockchain technology to fight cyberattacks

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) of Taiwan announced on Thursday (11) the use of the InterPlanetary File System (IPSF) to combat new cyberattacks on portals containing government-related information.

This new Web3 technology system will be used to share files in a decentralized way and provide a new layer of security for data sent and received through IPSF.

IPFS encrypts information sent via files, allowing data stored by multiple parties to be available anywhere and accessible via simple HTTP.

The threat of attack is on the rise

According to the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan’s government websites have faced several attacks in recent days. Among them, a DDoS attack left several websites in the country unreachable.

For this reason, the Minister of Digital Affairs of Taiwan, Audrey Tang, said that the regulations in the company’s website will use the combination of Web3 and Web2 tools in order to increase the security of the data transmitted.

This approach of the Taiwanese government to new technologies has been recognized by various interested parties as being able to show the world a new way of using this type of technology for the benefit of the public and the authorities of the country.

Taiwan and Cryptocurrencies

Taiwan is an important place for cryptocurrency mining in the world due to the supply of chips, which can be used to build the equipment used to mine digital assets.

However, the country’s relationship with cryptocurrencies is composed of ups and downs caused by the decisions of the country’s regulatory bodies.

For example, Taiwan’s regulators have banned the sale of digital assets through credit cards even though they consider these assets to be games.

This decision has led to criticism of the country from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who believe that this technology will be widely used after the decisions to use certain features in order to benefit the local government.

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