Taiwan’s Presidential website is vulnerable to a cyber attack – News

The website of Taiwan’s presidential office was hit by a cyber attack on Tuesday before the arrival of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Taipei.

Attacks on Taiwan’s government websites have been reported by Chinese hackers, a cybersecurity research group said. Initially, it was suspected that the author was the Chinese government.

Access to the site was restored approximately 20 minutes after the attack. Taiwan’s government agencies are monitoring the situation, according to the local government.

A government portal and the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also temporarily taken offline.

In a statement, the company said the two sites received up to 8.5 million login requests per minute, most of them from China and Russia.

These attacks have the strategy of directing a lot of web traffic to a server. Actions of this nature are not considered easy, but often effective in taking a side.

“These are uncoordinated, attacks against websites used by Chinese hacktivists to spread their message,” said Johannes Ullrich of the SANS Technology Institute, a cybersecurity education and research group.

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