Tattooing can be harmful to health and is prohibited – in Brazil it’s called “anal tattoo”

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The possibility of DNA modification, infection and reproductive problems has led the European regulatory body to ban certain types of tattoo ink.

19 August 2021 Here

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) said to the European Union, after several years of study, a limit that provides maximum limits of movement for compounds that include dyes, carcinogenic aromatic amines, metals and methanol.

After the sharing of the ECHA, the EU decided to introduce a law, which prohibits the use of certain substances related to tattoo inks and permanent makeup.

There are about 4,000 chemicals on the list of restrictions. According to European documents, products containing the colors Blue 15:3 and Green 7 are considered carcinogenic.

The new measure imposes concentration limits for some substances, such as some azo dyes and carcinogenic aromatic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), metals and methanol.

“The health and well-being of our citizens is paramount. In addition to allergies and skin problems, the toxic chemicals found in tattoo inks can cause other health effects like cancer. Tattooing is very popular in Europe. That is why it is important that we regulate these chemicals now,” said European Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius.

In Brazil, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) does not have a list of pigs that are banned for tattoos, but it says to look at international discussions on the subject.

According to the department, inks for drawing human skin must meet Art. 7 of Resolution 553/2021, to establish evidence of safety and efficacy of implantable products. Assets must be reported and documented in biological assessment, literature review and risk management.

MARKET – Data from the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue (audits by the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) held in 2021) show that there is (or, because there is a market) this increase), there are 22,568 sewing and sewing, with 21,093 establishments in the form of individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), 1,384 in the microenterprise model (ME) and 91 small businesses (EPP).

To start a group like this and start mosaicing people, all you have to do is have an idea for drawing, buy a tattoo machine, transfer paper, tattoo needles, ink , sterile gloves, biohazard containers, sterilization equipment, dental method. seats or hanging. , artist’s chair, mirrors, desk or table and chairs and sofas.

Cleaning power is also necessary and for this the floor of the house must be covered with clean, waterproof and washable materials; have a place with a sink with running water and a seat; the company uses materials approved by Anvisa, such as needles and paints, for example; whether to clean toe caps using an autoclave or toe caps. Open the dispensers in front of the customer and throw them away after the process.

There are no required classes to become an artist. The “business” starts to earn from R $ 2,000 to R $ 4,000 and can reach R $ 10,000 per month, according to experts.

A YEAR THE SUN NEVER SET – the passion about tattoos in Brazil is the “anal tattoo” which has become a trend.

Making a “sun” or writing words (around) where the sun doesn’t shine becomes a form of “self-promotion”(?!). The first was the singer Anitta, who upset fans after announcing that she would make a famous tattoo.

After some speculation about what to paint, and a suggested photo of the image went viral on the Internet, he said he found the word “I Luv U” in written around the “u” (a short version of “Eu Te Aloha”, in English).

Then it was the time of the fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa who announced that she made a photo (she did not explain) in honor of her husband, the singer Belo. Then ex-paquita Cátia Paganote, a female symbol in the 1990s, said that he drew a heart and sent him to write “Love”.

The model Amanda Souza has confirmed that she is involved in the trend of anal tattoos on social media, and shows fans that her inspiration is Anitta. However, the model did not reveal the image she created. Suzy Cortez

The model who founded the 2021 edition of the competition “Miss Butt” also has a tattoo on her anus. On Twitter, he said the tattoo was a tribute to the player Messi. However, he created a mystery about the image that was created.

And so on…

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