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SENAC/RJ Mobile Fashion and Beauty School in Teresópolis - photo: Publicity

Teresópolis, 09/13/2022 – The largest community in Teresópolis, São Pedro has the Escola Móvel Moda e Beleza from SENAC/RJ, a partnership with the Municipality of Teresópolis.

With the offer of six free courses in the beauty category and registrations scheduled for September 20 and 21, the school bus will be based in Praça dos Expedicionários.

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With the offer of 140 places, Carreta Escola Moda e Beleza will register on September 20 and 21 for free classes on Manicure and Pedicure, the work of hairdressers, Basic makeup techniques, face design, haircuts and haircuts: cuts and finishes, hairstyles and colors. With a workload ranging from 24 to 160 course hours, classes will be held from September 21 to December 2, from Tuesday to Friday, in two shifts: 8 am to 12 pm and and 1 pm to 5 pm.

“Between May and September, Teresópolis received the SENAC/RJ Mobile School of Technology and more than 100 students received certificates for free educational courses at the graduation held on Tuesday , 09/06. Now, the city has another mobile school to train another sector that is constantly expanding. City Hall and SENAC/RJ have joined forces to increase the access of population in training courses, increasing opportunities for those looking for training for the world of work”, said Mayor Vinicius Claussen.

manufacturing industry

Increasing the service for those looking for a place in the labor market, the Municipal Secretary of Labor, Employment and Solidarity Economy will hold, in the same place, the Feirão Emprega Terê, between the 19th and the 24th of September, with decentralized service from the Casa do Trabalhador de Teresopolis.

O Feirão Emprega Terê of the Secretary of Labour, Employment and Solidarity Economy will provide job opportunities with no information and no information, request for a digital work card, guide to unemployment insurance and business sector. According to the job candidate requested by the business people, the candidate can be sent to participate in the fair for interviews with recruiters from companies with job opportunities. The service will be provided by the staff of the Casa do Trabalhador de Teresópolis between the 19th and 24th of September.

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