Tertúlia Nativista honors João do Bandoneon and celebrates Farroupilha Week in Santa Terezinha de Itaipu

Gaucho traditions have more evidence in the month of September. In Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, the Week Farroupilha is marked by tributes and saving the gaucho culture and customs.

During the Nativist Tertúlia held last Friday, 16th, at CTG Campeiros da Alvorada, Mayor Karla Galende, Vice Vanio Morona and the Mayor of the City Council, Valdir Sauthier, gave the Honorable request to the family of the musician and traditionalist, João Irineu Driedrich, who is well known. like João do Bandoneon, dedicated throughout the country to the preservation of Riograndense culture. A tribute is a way of honoring a musician’s lifetime achievement.

“On behalf of my family, I thank everyone involved. It was a very special night. I am very happy, grateful and grateful”, said the musician’s wife, Dulce Driedrich.

“João always brought love, joy and energy to everyone. This is a great tribute for the good service that promoted the spread of the gaucho culture”, compared the mayor Karla Galende.

João do Bandoneon left a legacy of love and respect for the gaucho culture. The former member of Grupo Pampa Sul and friend of the honor of the night, Cláudio Eberhard, expressed “it is a pleasure to honor an artist with talent and a unique style who has done a great job for the gaucho culture in Paraná. It is a joy to be able to show all this love to João and his family.

Friends of the musician also took the opportunity to show their love and appreciation with beautiful works. There are also councilors Carlos Becker, Isoldi Schafer, Titi Dal Pont, Evandro Perin, Mauro de Oliveira, Valter Larssen, Valdecir Parnoff, and licensed councilors, Cláudio Schutz and Margarete Dionisio.

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