Thais Cordeiro shows an alternative way of dressing and consulting that can change your business and how people perceive you

Our interaction with people is directly affected – among other things – by what people think of us, how they perceive us and how they interact with what we say and make them happy. . Therefore, an outfit that suits your personality and the occasion can make a huge difference in the way you speak to people.

Image consulting is a business that has gained more and more because it is not only about your face-to-face image, but also how your web page can be seen – especially on social networks. Your clothes not only serve to protect your body from the weather, but also communicate feelings.

Thais Cordeiro is an expert working in the fashion market for 14 years and his job is to bring references, guide the construction of a repertoire and ask better questions. He is not satisfied with ready-made answers, because he wants to express historical considerations, looking at the present and working together in our future.

In fact, he has created articles here on the Tecnoveste portal and continues to find authentic ways to achieve his personal and professional goals, while helping people, businesses and companies to find the best way to influence the style of their clothing. This week we caught up with him and he told us more about his story in an interview written below.

  1. What does a career counselor do and how important is this type of career for those looking to improve their attendance or career confidence?
    A fashion consultant can work in different ways, such as fashion brands, companies from other areas that want to rethink their clothes and people, against what and One thing to consider is that they should not be in the arts or work related to advertising. of the image itself. Fashion discussion can be beneficial to those who want to have a unique control over their own clothes, to understand why they like what they like, what messages they want to convey and, above all, how to combine all these things with a good life, in practice and money. , considering their thermal comfort and other physical problems, one. It comes to be easy, not difficult, according to everyone’s demand.
  1. Why should you invest in your From Fiber to Cloth course?
    The course from Fiber to Clothes was created to share technical knowledge and repertoire and therefore to be more secure in serving customers, with the confidence that you are creating a good food brand for everyone’s needs and budget. Have the freedom to create marketing materials, such as a new model of clothing, based on solving everyday problems.
    Learning to think about the fashion discussion in your own way, having a difference and not repeating the thinking built on clothes, but developing yourself, knowing the reason.

3. Who is the target audience and what do participants need?
It is a powerful program for fashion consultants and manufacturers to find productive ways from fiber to clothes – their main product – and go further in their delivery.

4. Are you planning to show up in person? What is the ideal situation for this to happen?
Online writing allows me to reach people in other places, not only in Brazil, but in the whole world. I have had students in England, the United States and Portugal. So, I hope to continue this trend and, who knows, schedule some face-to-face classes.

5. Who do you currently have projects that you find interesting and innovative?
Some people who got my attention at that time, with interesting projects in different areas:
a) Ciclou promotion services:
b) Afro-Fusion style by @afrochic

c) Cacá Ivanocko discusses endometriosis, diet plan: @endometrinoise
d) luxury store decorated with goods @vestidadevaloresbrecho
e) Elka and Luis with their travel story

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