The 1st Fitness Show in Taboão da Serra took classes in different ways to the Ayrton Senna Sports Gym.

By the Secretary of the Secretary Taboão da Serra City Hall | 09/20/2022

The municipality of Taboão da Serra, through the Department of Sports and Leisure (SEMEL),
in collaboration with the DNA Fit Academy, held on Sunday, 09/11, the 1st Mostra
Work out. The event was held at the Ayrton Senna sports hall. about 150
People who attended the six-hour event, reported to the
different types of exercises: Rhythms, Pilates, Yoga, Functional, Combat, Zumba,
Dance FIT, Strong, Core Fit and Afromix.

The 1st Fitness Show featured several experts, including Luciene Moraes,
Vanessa Freitas, Diego Braz, Carla Silva, Carine Nunes, Tairone Gabriel, Mestre Ney
Carvalho, Camila Silva, Erika Agnelli and Janaína Chagas. In addition to the classes, there are lectures
on “Mental Health”, presented by Márcia Carvalho, student at the DNA Fit Academy,
with an emphasis on the Yellow September campaign, which will raise awareness
population in terms of preventing homicide and valuing lives.

“The event is organized to serve all audiences, from the elderly to the elderly.
youth. We have decided to create a day full of fitness, health, well-being and
living and socializing. Our goal has been achieved, we can reach it in several ways
year, and classes were changed for those who attended. The population has it
access to classes not offered for free in the city. O
The crowd was very involved, and we are very happy with the result”,
says Luciane Moraes, physical educator and editor of Rhythmic Activities.
“The meeting was amazing and helped a lot of people who needed it.
for your physical and mental health. It was great to meet the locals
participate in the activities that the Secretariat promotes. I know this
Mostra Fitness is the first of those who came”, said the secretary of
Sports and entertainment, Olívio Nóbrega.


Secretary of Sports and Recreation (SEMEL)
Street Dr. José Maciel, 708, Maria Rosa Garden
(11) 4788-5888 |

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