The 1st registered building has arrived in Chapecó | Special announcement – TOT Incorporações

Movies, music, streaming options and more can be accessed with just a few clicks, in the palm of your hand. What if you could rent your office like this? TOT brings Chapecó the first real estate agency in Oeste Santa Catarina, offering affordable rental housing. Using the Housi platform, the first to offer this service in the world, you don’t need a guarantor or paying a cancellation fee, just rent your house without registration drawing up a rental agreement, doing inventory or credit analysis.

A simple process, like a hotel stay. As well as complete the process 100% onlineThose who subscribe to an apartment will have other benefits such as water connection, electricity, wi-fi, TV, and other services included in the subscription price. .

Everything is ready: just enter and enjoy

The available rooms will be furnished, decorated and have the necessary equipment and facilities for maximum comfort, such as a full trousseau, for example. In addition to the private office, the building will offer entertainment areas, sky bar, coworking, meeting room, wellness terrace, playground, sauna and other areas. Everything is for you to stay very safe and discover new experiences in the community. A real lifestyle for those who are open to new things.

Through the partnership with Housi, comprehensive services and solutions will be provided, such as OMO washing machine, equipped to wash and dry clothes in an easy way using all the products of the brand, in an easy way. Netflix, iFood, Pizza Hut and other big companies have also signed a partnership, guaranteeing many benefits and exclusive discounts to citizens.

TOT takes Housi to Chapecó

TOT Incorporações will sign its first business in Chapecó with Housi, Brazil’s signature house startup, with a space designed with great care and attention to health and urban issues and sustainability. Soon, you will know everything about the business.

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On the website you can find out more about this lifestyle that has already changed the way of living in many cities in Brazil.

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