The ‘Ingenuous Look’ honors Mogi das Cruzes with the color of Naive Art | Mogi das Cruzes and Suzano

The art of Nerival Rodrigues is full of colors that hit the light and even show the dramatic parts of a people. The public can view some of the artist’s works at an exhibition in Vila Hélio, in Mogi das Cruzes. The ‘Ingenuous Look’ exhibition runs until September 30 and is free.

The brushes show little about the story of Rodrigues, a native of Garanhuns (PE), who lived in Alto Tietê for four years and dedicated himself to art for over 50 years. Rodrigues in the Naif Art style.

Paulo Ferreira, the cultural producer of the artist, explains that “Naif” means innocence, hence the name of the project “Olhar Ingênuo”, presented in Vila Hélio. “There are ten unpublished works in which Nerival shows references and pays tribute to the great artists who have always inspired him and are references to him. He is an artist who has published works around the world, some countries and I think it’s time to bring the public closer to the public of Mogian.

It is in the combination of colors and patterns that the artist finds inspiration and, in a light way, tells a little about his childhood in the paintings presented. In the reinterpretation of the painting “Os Pescadores”, by Di Cavalcante, the bucolic setting refers to the artist’s background in rural work.

In re-reading the work “Os retreatntes”, by Cândido Portinari, Rodrigues left his character: found shoes and hope.

Created by great artists, Nerival Rodrigues also presents new interpretations of Tarsila do Amaral. His work, “the christening of macunaíma”, from the artist’s point of view, the resources provided by plants and animals, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ In addition to re-reading, celebrations of nature.

Works created by Nerival Rodrigues at the request of the historian Tirreno da San Biagio to be presented in Mogi das Cruzes — Photo: Reproduction/TV Diário

The board represents Mogi das Cruzes. Divided into sections it takes about 10 years to paint. According to Nerival, the work was a request from his friend Tirreno Da San Biagio, the founder of the newspaper O Diário, who died in 2015 and loved the town. Nerival says that the journalist and businessman helped him in his first endeavors, even though he was a newcomer.

“He invited me to do an exhibition in the lobby of the Diário on a city anniversary. That year, in 1984, the first exhibition was held in the city at the invitation of our Tote’s friend. Then came the idea of ​​painting this board, this memory.”

Nerival Rodrigues portrays Mogi das Cruzes as Naif in the show ‘Olhar Ingênuo’ — Photo: Reproduction/TV Diário

In addition to the exhibition of paintings, the visitor has the opportunity to interact with the figures, who leave the screens and have a real size in the square where the exhibition is held. A way to bring art closer to people.

Those who pass by the area and are surprised by the parts of the garden, they like the idea of ​​the artist to give this relationship with the image. “I think it’s great because children are motivated and a motivated child becomes a cultured parent. And that is the lack of our country: culture”, said lawyer Sandra Campos.

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