The military will support TSE in electoral security

The Ministry of Defense announced today (20) that it will support the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) with the deployment of military forces to ensure the logistics of delivering the ballot boxes and the security of elections. The first round will be held on October 2nd.

The operation will be carried out through the activation of the military commands of the North, Northeast, West, East, Plateau and Amazon. The Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE) and Cyber ​​​​Defense Command (COMDCIBER) will also participate in the operation.

On Saturday (17), the president of the council, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, accepted the request of the electoral councils and agreed to send troops from the Armed Forces to strengthen the security of the voting in 561 places in 11 states. The measure must be approved at tonight’s session.

According to the Minister, troops from the Navy, Army and Air Force will ensure the security of the polling stations and assist in the logistics of distributing the electronic voting machines and transporting the workers to the polling stations. rural, indigenous and riverine communities.

In August, the 11,172-member Presidential Council approved the use of military forces to ensure the election and counting of votes.

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