The Ministry of Health will hire a new company to work on DataSUS cybersecurity

The agreement aims to fix vulnerabilities that allowed hacking of SUS (Unified Health System) data in 2020 and 2021

The Ministry of Health will open a tender to hire a company to implement the cybersecurity of DataSUS. The availability of the SOC (Security Operation Center) service aims to address the vulnerabilities that allowed the hacking of the SUS (Unified Health System) data in 2020 and 2021.

With 49 pages, the tutorial prepared by the DataSUS Department of Informatics of the ministry, where Brasilia newspaper He has free access, looking to replace the current contract that expires in September.

“Hiring a company that specializes in cyber security provides information security services that include operations, management, monitoring, integration of security incidents and incident response computer security for the Ministry of Health”, explained the document.

The intention of the company is to start the public campaign at the end of June, so that the process can be completed, which will work close, at the end of the current contract.

It’s fast, but there’s a reason. The technicians and senior managers of the company do not want to extend the current contract to a crisis, to avoid the opinion of the TCU (Union Court of Auditors).

Behind the scenes, two sources working at the Ministry of Health told the report that it is expected that the public announcement will be made with a basic value between R $ 30 million and R $ 35 million.

The amount may be reduced depending on the competition, but the winner must provide the seven services previously described in the Terms of Reference, available to JBr.


See “figure 1” found in the TR prepared by the company:

According to the training process, the company must create 28 new jobs for the provision of services in different sectors of the Ministry of Health in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the table where the staff will be provided by the winning team:

Searched by the report, the Ministry of Health has not taken a position on the matter, the area is open for possible reports.


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