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After two years at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, who could not have imagined that we would be tired of entering the holiday zones? Just as streetwear is disappearing from the catwalks (see the latest Louis Vuitton shows signed by Virgil Abloh), the streets are giving way to tailoring, which is becoming increasingly popular. to young people looking for quality parts and special parts.

It is also possible to see the great desire to work on the side of famous people, in different parts of the world, who brought tailoring to the light in a quiet way. One of the promoters is singer and actor Harry Styles, who also signed a collaboration line with Gucci focusing on sewing, with love and the taste of wine.

It emerged in the Middle Ages, the textile industry went from being a sign of the social status of the bourgeoisie to one of the industries necessary to support families and to produce industrial clothing in large cities. The scene has changed and the production technology has been updated with the new things and the demands of the market. To celebrate this category that is still alive and well with innovation, we present here some national names that stand out for their work and businesses.

DOD Workforce (JUBBA SAM)

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Wanting something different is about Jubba Sam doing it. Inspired by his father, who wore handmade shirts every day, Jubba decided to combine the classic style of handmade pieces with the streetwear he saw in international skate magazines. . This is how the DoD (from Dapper or Dandy) was born, between street style and studio style. On the market for 30 years, Jubba has clothed a number of customers who are looking for a deep understanding of the specific characteristics of the bodies, without the standardization found in the sizes and types of the section.

Today, he works based on the heritage of traditional tailoring, creating pieces with formal tailors, calc makers and expert tailors. “My work is very different. From the customer who comes with a desire for a manufactured piece to those who come without an idea, where we gradually understand the conditions in which the piece will be used”, said Juba about the process of 20 people. .

Physical store: Rua Mateus Grou, 540 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP, from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 20:00 and Saturday, from 12:00 to 18:00.

Whatsapp: +55 11 93777-3588

Instagram: @dodalfaitaria


Roro Rewind (Juliana Yoshie Suguinoshita)

Image: Courtesy

Image: Courtesy

Juliana Yoshie Suguinoshita is the founder of a gambiarra clothing store today outside the curve when it comes to developing clothing through upcycling. Specializing in menswear, he loves tailoring and knows how important clothing is to fit, and the selection of different materials and prints can provide to an amazing result. “I also love doing upcycling, seeing all the art of community tailors, taking apart and taking apart pieces. I stop and try to make small changes and, as much as possible, keep the handwork that was done before when it comes to the work done by the tailors”, says Juliana , working with a team of seamstresses to create pilot pieces.

Inspired by the work of Rei Kawakubo and Yoji Yamamoto, the tailor presents Maison Margiela’s Artisanal line as a major reference for innovation and design. She believes that embroidery has become very popular, not only for weddings, but also for everyday wear.


Instagram: @roro_rewind

The Work of Art (Barbara Santiago)

Image: Courtesy

Image: Courtesy

Known for being a complete matriarchal restaurant, Santiago Alfaiataria has costumer Barbara Santiago as the brain behind the company. Although he started making clothes at the age of 17, he remembers his first contact with sewing at the age of 9, when he developed a blazer made with patterns . Today, he has three seamstresses in the company who have personally trained him and who follow him every step of the way. Barbara also strives to explain her purpose of providing information, fair working conditions and training for her entire team, only women.

This is a way to continue the lessons he received from his mentor and great inspiration, Antônio de Jesus Malveira, a tailor with 74 years of experience. “She is my go-to person because there is nothing about modeling and sewing that she can’t do. He has a good habit of researching until he finds out. It taught me to protect my artificial teeth and nails and not to give up, “he said. With great demand for the next 5 months, the studio works with 100% natural fabrics and has the know different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and Russian.

Telephone: 11 3889-0970

Whatsapp: 11 937458599

Instagram: @santiagotailor

Mateus Cardoso

Image: Courtesy

Image: Courtesy

Parachuting in style after years of pursuing a career as a pilot, designer Today, Mateus Cardoso is one of the names that has emerged in the local market for offering contemporary clothing inspired by streetwear.. He graduated from the Santa Marcelina School in 2019, from the second year of graduation he sought to follow the path of production to increase his knowledge about sewing. His sign, which was received from the beginning of the disease, appeared without any pretension, but today it is seen again after the celebrities in their shows and event, such as Jão, Duda Beat and Pabllo Vittar.

Its parts can be bought on order, from a stock. It is in great demand by artists for events such as concerts and fashion rehearsals. “Working with artists is more difficult because the requirements for office clothes are common, which requires creativity. I like this combination because I can create and challenge myself with something simple and more complex, “says the designer. This year, Mateus intends to introduce a new fall of pieces unpublished made to measure.

Instagram: @__mateuscardoso__


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