The Russian influencer is threatened with arrest for posts on Instagram

Veronika Loginova, 18, faces the possibility of being sent to prison in Russia for posting content on her Instagram page, which has more than 555,000 followers. The young woman, who created her own brand, received a document from the government accusing her of “extremist activity”.

On his part, he posted something that happened. He was accused by the Kuntsevskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office of “extremism” for “making users of social networks Facebook and Instagram”. Currently, there is no record of Kremlin influencers facing prosecution under the laws of President Vladimir Putin. It was the first.

“This happens now to anyone in Russia – every day prosecutors can come to your house. I did not do politics and I am facing [ameaças de] six years in prison for managing my Instagram. Good morning, you woke up in Russia,” he said in a video posted to his account.

“Although most people don’t talk about these things, I still do. I am a business woman, who created my own clothing brand to pay taxes to the country. I am a person who writes posts about mental health support and I’ve never talked about it. any political topic on my blog,” he said.

Veronica was in Paris when he received a call from his mother saying that the police had come to his house, asking for information from the influencer.

“I’ve been threatened with arrest for using Instagram. And the only thing that proves it is that I ‘stand out’. Really? Me? An 18-year-old female journalist?” said he was on a post, angry.

According to the young woman, she needs to find lawyers to help her deal with the situation. Until the last update made by Veronicathe problem created by the government of Vladimir Putin has not been resolved.

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