The Seminar welcomes submissions of works of art, culture and language.

Organized by students of the IAD Postgraduate Program, the Seminar receives applications until the 30th (Art: Publicity)

Applications are now open for VIII Research Seminar on Arts, Culture and Languages ​​​​”Dynamics of the South: narrative flows and counter-flows”It will be done face to face in the field of the Institute of Arts and Design (IAD) and other parts of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) between November 16 and 19, 2022.

The eighth event, organized by students of Graduate Program in Technology, Culture and Languages ​​(PPGACL) of the UFJF, has the support of Pro-Rectory of Culture (Procult) and it’s a week of lectures, small classes and art exhibitions. The program is carried out in consultation with the research lines of the program: Art, Fashion: History and Culture; Film and Audiovisual; and visual music and music.

Students can apply at the undergraduate or graduate level (master’s or doctorate) with research in art, fashion, history, cultural studies, music, film or related fields. According to graduate student Marcos Amato, from the commission for the “Meridionar” art exhibition, to be held on November 17 at the Museum, works that have not been published or not can be included. Projects can be linked to art, physical art and music, or hybrids. All proposals will go through the selection committee.

Doctoral student Cristiana Laia, founder of the scientific committee of the event, explained that extended abstracts must be registered for Thematic Seminars (master’s or doctoral research, ongoing or completed) and for Introductory Science Course (applicable to undergraduate students). In addition, audiovisual products and films can be submitted for the Film Festival. All public announcements are available on the event’s website.

Submissions of developed abstracts and works for the Art and Cinema and Audiovisual exhibitions will only be received until September 30 and can be sent through field of submissions found on the event website. Registrations to participate in the Seminar as an audience will be held between October 1st and November 4th.

Cristiane also emphasizes the importance of staying healthy during the event. “In 2020, we did not have the Seminar because of the epidemic. Last year, it was done 100% online. The meeting in this way has become difficult, especially for the Art Show, but we received the participation of many people from graduate programs from other places, besides UFJF. For 2022, we choose people, after two years without this ability, looking at meetings.”

The full program will be published soon on the VIII Research Seminar on Arts, Culture and Languages ​​​​”Dynamics of the South: narrative flows and counter-flows”.

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