The young man went missing on his way to school in Cariacica

Hana Beatriz Martins Lins Assereuy Pereira, 18, disappeared on September 19 of this year, in Cariacica. Availability: Family collection

The teenager Hana Beatriz Martins Lins Assereuy Pereira, 18, disappeared last Monday (19), when she went to school in Cariacica. According to his family, he left the neighborhood of Nova Brasília, where he lives, in the morning and did not reach the school, located in Vila Capixaba.

The business advisor, the father of Jefferson Assereuy Pereira, his daughter is a model, she always goes to school and is not left without news. “We stopped talking for two days. The phone went straight to voicemail, his phone didn’t ring”, he revealed.

Out of concern, the family members have already registered a police report with the Civil Police and are looking for clues to the whereabouts of the young woman. “We spoke at the school meeting and we went to the State Council for Collective Passenger Transport (Ceturb) looking for pictures”, said Jefferson.

Hana Beatriz Martins Lins Assereuy Pereira, 18, disappeared on September 19 of this year, in Cariacica.
Hana Beatriz Martins Lins Assereuy Pereira, 18 years old, has dark brown hair, but it is now dyed. Availability: Family collection

According to her father, Hannah was wearing a black and white shirt when she went missing. “He is white, has red hair (like acaju), is tall (about 1.70 m) and wears cat-eye glasses. He also has a bag, a shoulder bag, jeans with a flower down,” he said.

Anyone with information about Hana Beatriz can contact her parents by phone. Jefferson contact: (27) 98139-0070. The one for his mother, Janaína, is: (22) 98136-8263.


Investigations and inquiries by the Specialized Police Station for Missing Persons (DEPD) continue, but so far nothing has been found. “Information that may assist in the investigation of missing persons can be provided confidentially by Dial-Dennunciation 181 or directly to the police investigation team, by calling (27) 3137-9065, or by going to the area in person”, ends the message.

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