There are five factors affecting the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry, according to Lumu

Lumu Technologies, cybersecurity specialist and creator of the Continuous Commitment Assessment™, has analyzed one of the most pressing concerns of businesses: the lack of experts in the security industry.

According to Germán Patiño, vice president of sales for Latin America, “the lack of talent in technical security is a problem compounded by the difficulty of working with competence. In other ways, technology has strengthened work without harming work; in the area of ​​cybersecurity, we need to improve automation and ease of operations, at the same time we increase decision-making power .

Lumu Technologies has identified five facts about the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry. Here are the results:

1- Increase and simplify the way of work:

“For the technology to work effectively, it must be easy to implement in organizations, without major changes in the system. In order for this to become a reality, it must facilitate the practice of tools in cybersecurity, so that they can achieve with educational resources of free access and easy implementation,” said the spokesperson for Lumu Technologies.

2 – Technology can be to blame for the lack of talent:

“In part, yes, but it is a combination of several aspects. There is also a solution to the technologies that do not provide a value to continue many activities, such as the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Many technologies are based on legacy systems, which means that weaknesses and suboptimal features are drawn that can be used for other purposes”, Germán Patiño points out.

Some providers believe that their users are the elite of the information technology (IT) world, with high standards, deep knowledge and experience. But imposing high barriers to access these tools, requiring a lot of training time, expensive and poorly provided training, contributes to the failure of the industry.

3 – The disease led to a change in behavior:

Cybersecurity Talent Sufficient Before the wave of mass layoffs caused by Covid-19, and with cyber threats continuing to grow, companies need to hire more talent to manage technology safe and sound. During this period, this situation became more difficult, since most of the defense that was implemented was left in separate offices.

“This challenge has created the perfect environment for cybercriminals. An unsafe environment, an unknown end user and an overstretched security team – the end result is impossible. A data breach or ransomware is known, and this has greatly affected the security situation of the companies,” said Patiño.

4 – Develop capabilities to deal with cybersecurity threats:

There are two important things to ensure the proper supply of cybersecurity tools. The first thing to understand is what threats are. Understanding the new technologies that attackers are using and the threats that are more prevalent requires constant education and training for organizations. The second is the ability of people to manage information and respond to these conflicts by choosing the right solution.

“Training and experience give cybersecurity officials the knowledge they need to know what they’re up against so they can act accordingly. We need to focus on learning, in what we’re learning today and what we don’t know,” said the vice president of sales for Latin America at Lumu Technologies.

5 – Maintain and promote talents in business:

Organizations need to compete in terms of benefits, wages and methods, but their concerns also need to focus on defining an appropriate culture to develop the skills of their people. employee Cybersecurity professionals have options and are not afraid to explore them if the employer advertises them.

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