There is a risk of cyber attacks and data theft in the election, the expert said

Iander Porcella – With less than six months before the first round of October elections, Patricia Peck, digital law expert, says that Brazil is experiencing a “digital security crisis”, in her opinion, which could lead to cyberattacks and data hijacking on the internet. election season, arguing against fake news. In an interview with Broadcast Político, the lawyer said that crimes on the Internet can compromise political debate and affect the functioning of democracy.

“In cyber warfare, someone may want to seize money for the purpose of prosecution, for the purpose of voting, for the purpose of weakening a political opponent by releasing information, it can be become involved in electronic espionage,” he said. Peck, is a representative of the ESPM Law School and a member of the National Council for Data Protection (CNPD). “In the case of elections, it is possible to jeopardize the life of a party, of a candidate, just by stealing a file in the middle of a campaign.”

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