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Technologies such as touchscreen interaction have become commonplace in cars. However, an experiment was carried out by a Swedish magazine I know Bilagare pointed out that drivers find it easier to use the physical buttons on the dashboard of the cars than the virtual buttons found on the touch screens in the reception centers. Among the 12 cars tested, the one considered the least confusing was the only one that didn’t have the technology.

The report considered cars from several manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz, which have touchscreen panels. In addition to them, a Volvo V70 2005 was tested to be a comparison.

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The 2005 Volvo V70’s dashboard is the easiest to repair, according to a study – Photo: Reproduction/Vi Bilāgare

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In the study, the driver must perform four actions while driving at a speed of 110 km / h: turn on the air conditioner and the seat heater; turn on the radio and listen to a station; put the computer back on the table and turn on the panel light; and turn off the information center. Before hitting the road, drivers had a few hours to get used to the car’s dashboards.

The model that drivers do well is the Volvo V70. It takes ten seconds to complete the tasks – or 306 meters long. In last place, it was the Chinese MG Marvel R, which took about 45 seconds from the drivers – or 1.3 km journey. This indicates a warning, as this problem takes a lot of the driver’s attention.

Comparison: MG Marvel R drivers traveled more than 1 km to complete the task — Photo: Reproduction/Vi Bilāgare

According to the magazine, not only the description of the memory of the muscle provided by physical buttons, but in the interface of the screens. Models such as the Dacia Sandero and the Volvo C40 did well in the test, with 13 seconds to do the job, even though they only have a touchscreen. In the case of the BMW iX, which has a panel and buttons, the driver took 30 seconds.

The magazine investigated the driver’s viewing angle during operations and found that the large touchscreen isn’t the best. The Tesla Model 3, which has more protection than competitors, did better (23.5 seconds) than the Subaru Outback (19.4 seconds), which has a smaller class.

Mercedes GLB dashboard is an excellent viewing angle for the driver — Photo: Reproduction/Vi Bilāgare

However, cars with touchscreen panels are a trend in the automotive world, whether for economic reasons or for integration with smartphones, thanks to features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and their voice assistants. However, the magazine concludes that there are many things to improve the design to make life easier for drivers and safer in the car.

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