Twitch will ban any kind of gambling stream

THE spin There have been some complaints about the possibility of transferring unauthorized funds from casinos and gambling sites. According to the complaint, the companies will give money to some popular channels in order to change the show. Today (20), the platform decided to ban, from October 18, all the lives that show this kind of information.

In its Twitter post, the company said that it will prohibit the production of live gambling sites that include slot machines, roulettes, or other types of games that are not licensed in the United States. It includes the countries where the shipment was taken. location. .

The message specifically mentions some websites that are banned from being used on the platform, among them,, and However, the company will allow users to stream sports, fantasy games and poker.

See the tweet below:

Streamers and Twitch users have spoken out against live streams for gambling. During this week, private individuals have threatened to stop their advertising if the platform continues to show this kind of information. Using the hashtag “#TwitchStopGambling” the big names have created a series of petitions that have been given directly to the group.

Twitch intends to severely curtail any content that may cause its users to become addicted or harm the entire community. It is expected that streams of this nature will decrease until October 18, the deadline given by the company.

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