Urban Helmets offers the latest fashion and lifestyle collection

Urban Helmets has launched a new street style collection. The features that translate the urban lifestyle combine a design for those who love life on two wheels.

In a promotional event held on 09/15, at the São Paulo gallery, the brand presented the prestigious pieces first hand. You can check out all about the new collection and a little of what happened at the event below:

What is the new collection of Urban Helmets?

The new Urban Helmets collection has been developed thinking about activities related to surfing, skateboarding and cycling. Its process, almost 100% handmade, focuses on details and stands out in the market for its purpose.

An average of 40 pieces, thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of the pieces sold on the brand’s website. In other words, the customer’s chance of finding another person in the same suit is greatly reduced.

You can find parts at the Dynamite Custom Shop Pocket Store (São Paulo) and at the Célio Dobrucki factory (Curitiba).

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When did the collection begin?

Urban Helmets launched the new collection at an exclusive event held on September 15th in São Paulo. Visitors were able to see the collection firsthand. In collaboration with LabOF, the event was held at the São Paulo Art Gallery. The photos of the collection taken there will be visible until September 30.

Some guests of the event. Source: Fashion Bubbles
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At the event, an exclusive collaboration with artist Curco Rebel was announced. He makes Tracer 6 helmets. With the support of F!VE Drinks and Lucky Beer, proceeds will be donated to the Invisible Cities and Returning to School programs, promoting the inclusion of society and bring images into the classrooms and halls of public schools.

“Quality, design and cars are in our DNA, we will not abandon that, but we are looking at other aspects to have more scalability. From now on, we are not a brand Only helmets, we are the style and lifestyle that sells helmets with unique designs” says the Creative Director and Head of Marketing at Urban Helmets.

Director and Head of Marketing at Urban Helmets

Denise Pitta, editor of Fashion Bubbles, was one of the guests at the launch event for the new Urban Helmets collection. He recorded some of the events at the SP gallery on 09/15. See it all below:

Everything about Urban Helmets Brazil

The Urban Helmets brand sells casual clothing, accessories and helmets. It combines its uniqueness and style with the expertise and high standards of Taurus Helmets, a company that has been producing helmets in Brazil for over 40 years.

With an emphasis on traditional and motorcycle styles, Urban Helmets has grown over the years to now include street, skate and surf styles. In addition to operating worldwide in the United States, the company also operates in Asia and Latin America. He has already completed collaborations with various styles and people, such as Celio Dobrucki, Reserva, Evoke, Zee.Dog, Cusco, John John and MCD.

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