Vitão refutes the criticisms about his style of clothing: – Everything is an expression and I am always looking to present myself smartly – 09/20/2022

09/20/2022 | 11:11

This Tuesday, the 20th, the singer Vitão took part in Encontro, a program broadcast on Rede Globo, and used the opportunity to respond to criticism about his clothing style.

– Every time I sit down to make music, every time something different from what I’m used to comes out. I started my art style, I started.

The singer went on to say what he hopes to convey with his music and images:

– I think now there is a lot of possibility to show all this musical plurality in my aesthetics, in my art, and show all my listeners that we can be more than those who try do it for us. The world is conservative in every way, we must always meet the standards. I know, of course, that everything we learn from birth is probably a big lie, and we probably shouldn’t be doing that.

Regarding the criticism, Vitão said that he was looking for a better world, where people are free:

– We live in a world where hate is often louder than love. I’ll just fight for a world where love starts to speak louder than hate […] where we can be as free as we want, with hair, clothes, the way we present ourselves to the world. I think all of this is a form of presentation, and I’m always looking to present myself creatively. I seek to bring my message to people through art.


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