W3Block creates ‘factory’ of NFT tickets for games, concerts and businesses and services

The market for tickets for games and exhibitions, among other events, apart from the debate, is centralized in the hands of some companies, in general. As if the struggle isn’t enough to warrant entry to see your favorite band or artist, getting a ticket comes with its own set of challenges, they are sold through the same channels, in most cases, which are online businesses, online brokers and money changers. This is not to say that these other methods are false.

But as the elders say: “Insurance dies of old age and doubters live.” The popular statement supports the announcement made this week by non-fungible token (NFTs) technology provider W3Block, to create an NFT factory for the creation of tokenized tickets, among other applications of cryptoassets for different sectors of the economy. business and service sector.

Tokenization, which among many things represents the creation of NFTs, valuable cryptoassets, such as tickets, has been announced by traders responsible for the creation of NFTs marketplace Tropix , which received money from the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin (MB) and which i. found by the Nano Art Market.

In an article published by the newspaper Valor Econômico, the founder of W3Block, Daniel Peres Chor, said that the idea of ​​creating a tokenizer started a year ago, when Tropix launched applications to create NFTs from businesses to industrial sectors. , music, sports and entertainment. What led the trader to sell Tropix and dedicate himself to these projects, covered by W3Block.

According to him, the tokenizer currently has 13 projects and a pipeline of some 170, in the period before the launch and discussion. According to the announcement, W3Block will also produce NFTs for the 2TM group, owned by MB.

Among the projects is the Eventix event, which recently sold the first tokenized tickets in the history of Maracanã. What, for the entrepreneur, represented a breakthrough in removing the “informality and law” of the financial customer, who, like him, becomes a customer.

The entrepreneur also revealed the creation of fees for the platform and for the operator of the event every time the NFT is sold on the secondary market, with the risk associated with the sale to counterfeit tickets. Chor added, tickets will soon be available at NFT for the stadiums of Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre (RS), and Engenhão, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), as well as tickets for concerts and MMA competition. .

He also revealed that the paper certificates issued by Sauer’s retail store will be converted into NFT. Crypto assets, in other cases, will have some users, such as adding to the loyalty program of the “tokenized club” Food Busters by the digital user Gabriel Gasparini, from Gaspaindica, to participate including tastings and tours of wineries. The program by the famous chef Rafa Costa e Silva, will connect the holders of their NFT to exclusive benefits, such as exclusive access to restaurants, special menus and interaction with the chef.

In the same way, the Brazilian intellectual property startup Feel the Match launched at the beginning of the month a platform to sell exclusive and unique experiences in the real world, as reported by Cointelegraph Brazil.

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