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A wave of DDoS cyberattacks leaves the cities of Espírito Santo without internet

Like Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, many Internet providers in Espírito Santo have experienced problems with Internet access for more than 30 days due to a so-called cyber attack. DDoS
, an acronym in loose translation in Portuguese, means denial of military service. Unlike common cyberattacks where the target is to extract or delete data, this is a single operation: to leave companies, organizations and homes without a network, part or all. completely in the air.

Who cares to leave internet users without control? What is the value of this? I had the opportunity to talk about this topic in 2018 at the NIC.br Network Engineering Working Group (GTER), under the title “DDoS attacks as an anti-competitive action”. The full speech can be viewed at this link but as the title suggests, the motivation unfair competition
by the market. By doing this online blackmail, the attacker creates a wave of cancellation from the competitor to attract new customers. It is clearly a work of confiscation

Companies attack each other through DDoS
try again

Companies attack each other through DDoS

Although the Internet is an important service, in the midst of this unfair commercial debate, schools, hospitals, government agencies, companies, remote students are left without access to the Internet, isolated from the digital world. The profit is placed on the uploader but the lost
it is distributed in public.

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An unprecedented event in Brazilian cybersecurity occurred during the regular session of the Legislative Assembly of Espírito Santo on July 6, 2022. Ignored by the authorities, a new wave of DDoS cyber attacks was reported. complain
to the Parliamentary Advisory Committee on cyber crimes of the court by the Deputy Bruno Lamas (PSB), since the state is one of those who face a high level of this type of crime. The excerpt from the meeting that the deputy complained about can be viewed here 3. In the beginning, the deputy presented an excerpt from a report by the local team of Globo talking about DDoS attacks , showing up in front of the authorities, the press has already begun to cover the case.

As a cybersecurity professional, I see this movement often. Sometimes the professionals are skeptical about the authority of the authorities to investigate cyber crimes, sometimes the authorities are not aware of the subject. In large part, this impasse stems from the fact that among cyber attacks, DDoS is the one that leaves the least evidence. forensics
: no fingerprints, photos, videos, blood drops pointing to the author. The logs of the attacked systems will not point directly to the attacker, but to the IP addresses of other people, the owners of the vulnerable computers used to carry out the attack.

Undoubtedly, this type of attack is inherently wrong. In addition to the crimes against the wealth regiment, from the 2012 Law No. 12,737 (known as Carolina Dieckman Law) “Disruption or Interference of Telephone, Telephone, Computer, Telematic or Public Information Service”
The penalty is imprisonment of one to three years and fine. The law is clear: attack DDoS is a crime

So, how can the author of these mistakes? It is by mobilizing powers with police power (such as the CPI) that the puzzle can be assembled to the author. Doing questions, questions, breach of confidentiality
investigating the circumstances of the attacks, their objectives and the financial movements of the supply market so that the authorities can gather evidence and explain to the author.

In Espírito Santo, Deputy Bruno Lamas said in the regular meeting that he gathered some event report
in the state of DDoS attack and told to submit a request to the CPI for cyber crimes imposed on the court. This shows the importance of the victims of this attack not to register the event report, a fact that is ignored and postponed by the internet providers.

Since this is a national issue, with respect to other states, it is important that suppliers from other parts of the society contact their parliaments so that similar commissions are established in the country in prior to the presentation of evidence pointing to the author of these crimes. destroyed
. Without removal, this crime will go unpunished and the internet will remain unsecured for many Brazilians.

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