What kind of story can compete with our reality? – 09/19/2022

Imagine if someone decided to make a Brazilian version of The Crown featuring the Bolsonar royal family.

Before you judge me for wanting to compare our Bolsonaro dynasty with important British princes, I tell you that I am not the one who set it up first. This story of being anointed by God, something that only kings can say, did not come out of my mouth and never will.

But back to the series. In one chapter, they decided to show the family at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. And history shows that Jair Bolsonaro will take Silas Malafaia as an official guest.

The First Lady carried her artist over her shoulder, telling him she was paying out of pocket. The two pictures of the bloggers on social networks, to the joy of the paquitas of a politician and the escracho of the paquitas of the opponent.

The name Michelle Bolsonaro is one of the most searched terms on the internet. There is a need to know everything about the two dresses, the pearl necklace, the picture hat and the black voilette. Some compare it to Jackie Kennedy.

According to progressive granddaughters, with the storm, Michelle Bolsonaro shot Diana and hit Perpétua, the character of Tieta do Agreste immortalized on television by Joana Fomm.

Why do women do the same to women as Bolsonar’s soldiers? Because they are good and better people, so they can act like a hydrophobic sexist.

There is a youtuber bolsonarista in London and decided to make that kind of success. He sees a journalist woman, he arrives at the cinema and curses nonsense, as if he is a drunkard kicked out of a brothel on the street.

In the case, he said that the journalist BBC, the British state broadcaster, was not satisfied. He is Brazilian.

The president himself decided to play brooding blogger and complain about the prices at gas stations in London. And mind you, people have completely forgotten about Queen Elizabeth.

In fact, no one puts a roombolesque element into a piece of fiction. If it is, all the paquitas of Jair Bolsonaro will respond with anger and reason.

It’s embarrassing and slippery. The sad picture of our powers and our political paquita is just persecution. I swear I agree. In fact, it’s not for fiction.

Now, the presidential candidate stands. Your main opponent is making progress in the campaign for the “right vote”. An article comparing the election to a race at the Jockey Club, which is beautiful. You bet on a winning horse, simple as that.

Only one candidate can beat the current president. It was enough, he had to leave power at any cost. Then everything will be fine. And take tons of fear.

Medallions of national politics are added around the idea. Now to go. In recent years, some of the political foxes have declared that Dilma Rousseff should be removed and Brazil will improve.

Asking this is enough to hear “this will hit 13 hard in the urn” and become the target of an attack or fake news machine.

Silence despite the expansion and radicalism of the groups that supported the impeachment has a price: the removal of justice.
As we indulge ourselves in this final feast, we put one in the oven.

Lulismo allows allies and the military to act like the bolsonaristas – some in action, some in shock. But that doesn’t make it wrong, as long as they are the right side of the story.

Some people think of both groups. We are masters and slaves of our own choices. With each, we lower the bar, but we don’t change our mindset. On second thought, there cannot be any type of story that can overcome this fact.

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