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Have you ever unpacked clothes, looked through the contents and felt that one of the pieces wasn’t quite right for the day? Translation: Have you ever felt that even though you have a lot of clothes, you don’t have any clothes to wear?

This idea comes from the fact that clothes translate people’s moods and emotions. If the clothes in the wardrobe don’t show up anymore by the time the person sees them, the message they want to convey is the need to renew the wardrobe until they find the ones. piece to translate their message to the world, as explained by the art consultant Bia Scampini. .

See Clube Morena Rosa’s new collection — Photo: Reveal

“When people are happy, they increase the clothes they wear. When we look at a new collection and want to buy those clothes, because this idea is related to the work. The clothes are considered and designed around trends,” he said.

These characteristics, learned from this type of people, help to think about a time in society. It’s like wearing miniskirts, which emerged in 1960s England as a way for women to make a splash and make a stand – in good time or not, they’re coming back, and with a new wave of confession and self-acceptance. . It can be said that wearing a miniskirt shows a kind of transgression.

Regardless of shape or form, Clube Morena Rosa brings together all women, whose goal is to feel good about themselves, in one brand.

The new collection works with other accessories such as dresses and slit necks, a bold idea, which shows the desire to leave home again. The clothes are fluid and more malleable clothes in pieces such as blouses, dresses and overalls, bringing the comfort sought by time.

“The combination translates well to the women represented by Clube Morena Rosa, so another strong aspect of this collection is the combination of sporty pieces (such as jeans) with shirts (like short-sleeved shirts)”, he said. Bear.

A woman who feels confident and secure with her own image has higher self-esteem, says an image consultant. He saw women who gave 4th and 5th grade for their own opinion, after seeing what clothes show what they want to communicate to the world, started they give an increase of 30 to 40% in their own opinion.

Clube Morena Rosa works with collections that accompany customers at all times. — Image: Presentation

Clube Morena Rosa, says the fashion consultant, stands out for creating collections that go with customers all the time.

“We are not only concerned with selling clothes, but with living in the lives of these women regardless of time, offering unique pieces that translate directly to their style and personality, ” he said.

It has been operating in the market for 29 years, offering the best in premium style. In the stores of the brand, you will find quality pieces in different shapes, sizes and washes, suitable for all tastes and occasions. The store works with five brands, each with its own DNA, which combines diversity and complete models: Morena Rosa, Maria Valentina, Zinco, Iodice and Leboh.

Madame Portraits — Photo: Publicity/Madame Retratos

To follow the releases and news of Clube Morena Rosa, visit Instagram @clubemorenarosapraiagrande or @clubemorenarosa.santos. To visit physical stores, check the numbers below:

Morena Rosa Club
Shopping Praiamar
Street: Alexandre Martins, 80
Shop: 203
Aparecida – CEP: 11025-200

Morena Rosa Club
Litoral Plaza Shopping
Av: Ayrton Senna da Silva, 1511
Shop: 1027 / 1028
Xixová – CEP: 11726-500
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