Why does Queen Elizabeth II wear bright clothes? Secrets of the look – 09/08/2022

Queen Elizabeth is symbolic for many reasons. There is no difference in style. During his 70 years on the throne, the head of the royal family, who died today, stood out for bringing a unique image to the style of the royal family: clothes Animation, different images and a lot of value. Forever. All these clothes are made for their use and one main purpose: to carve out their own identity. In a unique way.

Although Princess Diana is responsible for setting trends and is considered one of the greatest references, even after her death, Elizabeth sought another way in this world. Like it’s important. It’s not her place to want people to dress like that, but to add some pieces with an “innocent” outfit – even though the queen’s style is defined by big cars of the world.

“I think the Queen approaches her clothes like clothes, but she keeps them functional and interesting within those guidelines,” said the royal writer and journalist. Elizabeth Holmes in an interview with the BBC. “Reality is fun, powerful and full of character. Your art is a big part of your legacy.”

Below, we reveal some of the secrets and ideas behind the models used by Queen Elizabeth.


Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of Diana and Charles in 1981

Photo: Getty Images

Monochrome looks, mostly with strong tones, have been part of the queen’s classic look for a long time. It’s impossible not to mention the dress she wore to the wedding of her son, Charles, with Princess Diana. For the time being, the pieces match each other in blue: from the hat to the dress.

The difference was the whiteness of her shoes and the pearls she wore around her neck.

However, beyond just style, these clothes are meant for Elizabeth to be worn often. According to the “Express” site, strong colors are a way to see the queen from afar – that is, don’t miss her.

The hat adds a few centimeters to his small height, 1.57 meters, and enhances his appearance.

“She needs to stand out so people can say ‘I know the Queen,'” said her daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Sussex, in the documentary “The Queen at 90”. “Don’t forget when he appears in public […] large, and some like to say they saw a piece of the queen’s hat when she passed away,”

Queen Elizabeth II looks monochrome - Photo Gallery - Photo Gallery

Queen Elizabeth II in a monochrome look

Photo: Getty Images

The pieces will be used so that the queen doesn't lose her sight - Getty Images - Getty Images

The parts will be used so that the queen’s identity is not lost

Photo: Getty Images

Pearl necklace

Queen Elizabeth at her wedding to Prince Phillip in 1947 - Getty Images - Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth at her wedding to Prince Phillip in 1947

Photo: Getty Images

Why did Elizabeth always wear a pearl necklace? The participant has her look on special occasions: such as weddings, royal family events and more recently, the funeral of her husband Phillip.

According to People magazine, it is part of the ancient tradition – in the past, we have hundreds of years – of the royal family.

“Pearls are traditional for queens, there is no queen who did not wear pearls,” Leslie Field, author of “The Queen’s Jewels”, explained to the press. “They are rare and beautiful and bright, and the more you wear them, the brighter they become.”

Queen Elizabeth II wearing a pearl necklace, a traditional part of her look - Getty Images - Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II with a pearl necklace, a traditional part of her appearance

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There is also a rule that says pearl necklaces must be worn by 6pm. After that time, the “right” choice is diamond material.

The tradition, according to People magazine, began with Queen Victoria: “She gave her daughters and granddaughter a pearl every year as a birthday present so that when when they mature, at the age of 18, there are enough pearls to fill a necklace.

the shoe trick

Queen Elizabeth's leather slippers were first used by someone to comfort their feet - Getty Images - Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s leather slippers were first used by someone else to keep your feet comfortable.

Photo: Getty Images

Elizabeth has her favorite pair of shoes: a leather moccasin, custom made for her and (almost) going with her look on her feet.

Made by West London cobbler Anello & Davide – one of the few brands trusted by the queen – it has a crocodile effect and a light heel, allowing her to stay comfortable in the sun.

Comfort was Elizabeth’s passion. In order to prevent the shoes from swelling or hurting your feet, they were first used by others as lace-ups, and in this way, they are very suitable for royalty.

“His shoes need to be comfortable quickly, so he has someone to put them on. [antes]. The Queen couldn’t say, ‘I’m not comfortable, I can’t go anymore,'” stylist Stewart Parvin explained to the Sunday Times at the time. He was responsible for many years for the features of Elizabeth II.

“As has been widely reported in the press, a lackey puts on the Queen’s shoes to make sure she is comfortable and always ready to go out. . . of the Queen, in her personal story” The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe”.

“The queen has little time for herself and no time to walk in her own shoes. Since we are the same size, it makes sense that this is the way it is,” Angela said.

the wedding dress

Queen Elizabeth II at her wedding to Philip - Stock Photos - Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II at her wedding to Philip

Photo: Getty Images

Designed by designer Norman Hartnell, the dress was inspired by Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli’s “Spring”, full of flowing lines and flowers reminiscent of a painting. Information from “Harper’s Bazaar” magazine.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the dress and its evocation of spring are meant to symbolize “rebirth and growth” in post-war Britain.

The screen is almost 4 meters long and took almost two months to complete. According to the website “Southern Living”, the dress was made by 350 women in total.

The curtain of the wedding dress is 4 meters long - Getty Images - Getty Images

The veil of the wedding dress is 4 meters

Photo: Getty Images

The dress was decorated with crystals and 10,000 pearls embedded in the silk fabric, imported from the United States, which contributed to the length of time it was made.

For the Netflix series “The Crown”, an exact copy of the game was made. Claire Foy’s dress was bought by the actress and took seven weeks to make.

Claire Foy reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the wedding series "The Crown"by Netflix - Show - Show

Claire Foy reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding in Netflix’s “The Crown”

Picture: Show

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