XP starts the technical school with free exit

XP Educação, the educational arm of XP Inc., has announced the creation of XP University with five free undergraduate courses on Internet technology. There are 400 vacancies for degrees in Information Technology, Information Technology, Software Development, Network and Cyber ​​​​Defense. The amount is more than R $ 100 million.

According to the association, the school does not have low-income students. The courses will start in August 2022. Those interested can register on the school’s website.

Paulo de Tarso, CEO of XP Educação. Credit: Report

“Our main dream is to dictate higher education in the world of technology, innovation and business, creating a real educational ecosystem. A business operator that provides professionals already prepared for the challenges of the new economy,” said the CEO of XP Educação, Paulo de Tarso.

The executive revealed that the university is based on the idea of ​​”working university” (university linked to the company, in a free translation), a method that has been very successful in countries like the USA , Germany and Austria.

The idea, according to him, is to bring to the financial and technological market in Brazil a series of large companies in the digital world, such as Google and Amazon, which is very difficult to find talents ready for everyday needs. of work. , and started building their own graduate schools.

“Today, one of the biggest business problems is the lack of new graduates who are really suitable for the reality of work. We want to change the concept of Higher Education, creating educational programs to enable the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote the development of students, providing marketers who are well-prepared to make a difference in the ecosystem”. he added.

In addition to the graduation, XP Educação announced the expansion of the MBA program that now offers more than 20 courses, including two new courses: Information Technology for Financial Institutions and Customer Experience (CX) / Customer Success (CS). However, special services will be paid.

The school has also created a new platform of open courses, composed of Bootcamps (44 modalities available in the areas of technology and innovation) – a practical and immersive learning environment to train skills and technical skills for the market faster than traditional training, the main thing for that is looking for good training extensions -, and 35 other free courses instead of money.

The platform is available through subscription, where the student pays a monthly fee of R$ 65 and has access to all available classes. As a registered user, a student can enroll in different courses at the same time and access content daily.

In addition, subscribers can participate in the Opportunities Radar, where they can apply for jobs in technology that are available by the main players in the technology industry”, he added. The school believes The platform will have more than 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

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